[VIDEO] Milo Yiannopoulos primer on Hillary’s new nemesis, the Alt-Right

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Alt RightI like free speech. I like to use good ideas to challenge bad ideas. I think the whole point of political correctness is to erase our ability even to entertain thoughts about freedom, justice, and our inherent (not government-given, but inherent) rights as set forth in the Bill of Rights. I therefore have been untroubled by the Alt-Right movement, even though I know some nasty people have slipped in on the fringes.

I’m just grateful that, being a conservative, these racists and antisemites do live only on the fringes of a freedom-based political movement. If you’re on the Left, the racists and antisemites sit dead center.

From their perch at the top of the Democrat political heap, the Leftist racists demean blacks by saying that blacks are so stupid and helpless that they can function only with government support and guidance. From that same perch, they also offer unflinching support for genocidal Palestinians and for the BDS movement that aids the Palestinians in their genocidal goals. Indeed, this antisemitic rage has become a central pillar of the modern Democrat movement.

Meanwhile, even as Hillary was castigating a group that likes to tweak noses and yank chains, and most especially make a mockery of political correctness, she was receiving an endorsement from the Communist Party of the United States. A little historic reminder is useful here:  The Communist Party of the United States actively seeks to bring about the same regimes that killed more than a 100 million people in the 20th century, and that are still going strong in various parts of the world.

To me, Hillary’s Communist endorsement was like getting the Jeffrey Dahmer endorsement, times 50 million. To the drive-by media, though, it was a complete non-event that a political party that invariably ends with mass slaughter says “Hillary is our girl.” I don’t know about you, but that endorsement strikes me as a whole lot more significant than the fact that some rude young people, much like the much-lauded 60s counterculture, like to thumb their noses at the ruling class. The Alt-Right is the new counterculture — one, I might add, that is refreshing when you look at the miserable, emasculated, stomach crawling, overly-sensitive, yet extremely vicious mewling little rats that populate America’s educational institutions.

Another thing that strikes me as significant — and that the mainstream media also assiduously ignores in its frantic effort to destroy Trump and his supporters is the fact that Hillary loved to go all cuddle bunny with a former KKK Grand Weasel (who, so far as I know, never apologized for his KKK past who did apologize for his involvement, but whose apology early on was tempered by his another concern: namely, that being in the KKK was a political “albatross” in the modern era):

Hillary and Robert Byrd

One more thing: If Hillary’s against something, I’m inclined to give it a second look. After all, this corrupt and power-mad woman has consistently supported our very real enemies in the Islamic world. One therefore needs to assume that anything she hates isn’t dangerous to America but is, instead, dangerous to Hillary.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, check out Milo Yiannopoulos explaining that the Alt-Right movement is about freedom of speech and ideas, and is antithetical in a good way to the Lefty practice of silencing “bad thinking” — a silencing, Milo reminds the talking heads to whom he is speaking, that invariably results in bad actors being allowed to commit their bad acts without impediment: