The Bookworm Beat 9/23/16 — the “mostly Hillary” illustrated edition and open thread

With the debate nearing, it’s time to remind everyone who and what Hillary is. I’ve also thrown in some relevant Black Lives Matter and gun posters. I hope you enjoy all of these. I know that I did.

Hillary David Clarke wouldn't trust her with dog

Hillary and Martha Stewart

Hillary Casey Anthony

Hillary can't protect embassy or America

Hillary wrong female for president

Hillary turned her back on ambassador

Hillary's head not Monica

Trump on Hillary's bodyguards

Hillary bill secret stop her message

Hillary accomplishment avoiding prosecution

Hillary Gun NRA members don't kill in Chicago

Hillary chair force one

Hillary Smokey only you can prevent

Hillary increase odds of dying from terrorism

Hillary ignores Islamic terrorism

Hillary most corrupt candidate ever

Hillary Obama supports despite criminal conduct

Hillary lock her up make America great

Abortion Leftists have always wanted to abort blacks

Blacks insanity of BLM protests

Blacks Chicago dead don't fit narrative

Black MLK effective peaceful protest

Blacks bikers protested in DC without rioting

Race what black lives matter protests

Gun book store in Charlotte NC

Stupid liberals logic gun book bomb

Gun California new gun laws

Guns Second Amendment about protesting gov

Guns legal gun owners don't riot

Gun control Founding Fathers


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