Is this the reason the Left is so dopey about climate change?

Cannabis_sativa2I recently spoke with a couple of political disinterested legal pot growers. What surprised me was their utter disdain for the whole “CO2 causes anthropogenic climate change” theory. They’d reached that point by dint of their experience as growers.

It turns out that indoor pot growing is harder than it looks. In a highly competitive commercial environment, you need whatever edge you can get in terms of both the time it takes the plant to mature and the plant quality. One of those edges is to release CO2 canisters in the growing environment because the CO2 helps force pot plant growth.

In other words, what these two indoor farmers have learned is that CO2 is a good thing: The green things that it helps grow are the first step in the food chains that makes up the rest of life on earth. No CO2, no life. CO2 is not a problem; it’s a solution.

Thinking about the epiphany my indoor farming friends had, I suddenly had my own epiphany. We tend to speak of America as “red states” and “blue states.” That’s not really true. America is purple states, with vast red urban areas situated in seas of mostly blue. Except for a few outliers such as Vermont, where everyone is crazy (my apologies to the handful of sane Vermonters I just insulted), the blue state phenomenon is really a blue city phenomenon.


These blue cities are the last redoubts of climate change madness. The rest of America is realizing that climate change is a failed scientific theory because none of the predictions about it come to pass. Moreover, they realize that, if the true believers are undeterred by failed predictions, accurate data, and revelations of fraudulently manipulated data, they’re not practicing science at all. They’re practicing religion.

All of which begs the question: Why aren’t blue urbanites changing their minds along with everyone else? I think it’s because living in the city, they don’t know diddly-squat about the important role CO2 plays in making green things grow. When they think of CO2, they assume it’s this:


What you’re looking at there is smog in Beijing. According to Wikipedia, “visible air pollution is composed of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, smoke or particulates among others (less visible pollutants include carbon monoxide, CFCs and radioactive sources).” CO2 is not a major smog component.

What they really should be assuming about CO2 is that it’s this:


Because city dwellers have limited exposure to the positive effects of CO2, they view it as dangerous, rather than beneficial. They smoke the pot but don’t understand that their favorite bit of greenery relies heavily on the CO2 they fear so much.

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