hillary-and-weinerI go out to have coffee with a friend and — boom!! — Dickileaks breaks. I honestly don’t think there could be anything more perfect than learning that more of Hillary’s illegal emails showed up, this time on the phone of a serial flasher and possible pedophile. In a weird election season, this is the most appropriate denouement possible.

So the question is: Why now? Why this?

My own theory is that Dickileaks came about because Comey was terrified that those FBI agents with integrity enough to care about the disgraceful investigation and it’s more disgraceful premature closure were threatening his career. The newly revealed emails allowed Comey to reopen the investigation without losing face over his past decisions. It’s also entirely possible that the new emails are so explosive that, even if Comey could tamp down FBI disconnect over the prior investigation, he couldn’t do so with this one.

What I’m also wondering is whether this new batch of emails is sufficiently different — in location and content — as to circumvent the prior immunity deals that Comey earlier handed out like freebie coupons at a mall. If the immunity deals stand, it seems to me that this investigation will go nowhere fast . . . which would, of course, explain why Comey opened it up. That is, it would just be more Kabuki theater from the guy who’s been the beneficiary of Clinton Foundation money. With that most recent revelation about his ties to Clinton, Inc., not to mention boiling discontent in FBI ranks, Comey had to do something, and the best “something” to do is the kind of thing that ultimately turns out to be nothing.

Here’s another question: Does this even matter? Hillary supporters, both Left and Right, know exactly how corrupt Hillary is. They don’t care. They support her because they support her ideology about the government’s central role in every aspect of America life. They support her because they want open borders, whether for cheap labor or to create a permanent Democrat governing class. They support her because she envisions a one world government (no borders) run by an elite. On on the Left (as opposed to the #NeverTrumpers) they support her because the one thing she’ll go to the wall for, no matter what, is abortion. And so they don’t care that she is quite possibly the most corrupt person in American political history.

But perhaps for those undecideds in the middle or for the true independents, the Dickileaks revelation really will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Trump may be coarse and have a somewhat tawdry history, but he won’t turn America into a banana republic.

Anyway, what do you think?