[VIDEO] “Hillary Clinton is the most anti-Israel candidate in history.”

donald-trump-yarmulkahsIf you’re a Jewish Democrat who wonders how Jews can vote for Trump, you need to watch this video. It explains the reality on the ground, which is unrelated to the Clinton camp’s spin: Donald Trump is the most pro-Jewish and openly and consistently pro-Israel candidate ever to have run for President. Hillary, on the other hand, is equally consistent in her hostility to Israel and her obeisance to the Muslim world:

Yes, I too find deeply disturbing that Alex Jones of InfoWars, a long-time Trump booster, is going full Elders of Zion conspiracy theory antisemite. But if the Leftist Jews in Hillary’s train don’t care that she has loud, open support from every BDS promoter, every antisemitic college campus, and every antisemitic Muslim community (both black and Middle Eastern) in America, all of whom are central to the Democrat party, I say that they’re scarcely in a position to get shrill about the fact that there’s a disgusting fringe of antisemitism trailing in Donald’s wake.

The only thing I would ask is that Donald, unlike Hillary, denounce the unsavory views of the antisemites who have tied themselves to him. He doesn’t need to do so to pretend that he supports Jews and Israel, because we know he does. Instead, he needs to do so to distinguish himself from Hillary, who will never disavow the rabid antisemites who sit at the heart of the modern Progressive party.