#BoycottTheBoycotters: Searchable database of businesses boycotting Breitbart

#BoycottTheBoycottersIn my first #BoycottingTheBoycotters post, making people aware that there are businesses that have decided they’re too good for you, the half of America who support a president who wants to stop the Obama anomaly and take America all the way back to 2005 or 1995, only 194 businesses were involved. It was therefore easy enough to make a little chart that anybody could glance at in a second.

In only two months, that number went up by almost 500%, with almost 1,000 businesses chiming in on a new Jim Crow — one that is, in some ways, worse than the old Jim Crow because the businesses are joining in voluntarily rather than being coerced by bigoted governments. Given the chart’s size, people have been requesting a searchable chart.

Those who want a searchable chart can of course go to the original chart that the boycotters proudly assembled. Or, if you prefer, I put up another chart that you can view and search, although you cannot edit. All of you need to do is use your own web browser’s search function (usually Ctrl-F). As is true for the PDFs I’ve been pasting in my posts, those businesses that have recently volunteered to boycott half their potential customer base are in red.

There’s nothing magic about my chart. It’s just mine, and not theirs.

Photo by twicepix