Question: Why is a Progressive woman so afraid of Donald Trump?

stupid-leftists-multicolored-vagina-protesters Progressive Woman WomenI read an interesting exchange on Facebook involving a Progressive woman who is terrified of Trump. The conversation started with a challenge to way in which women living under sharia law are brutally abused. While acknowledging this abuse in faraway places, the woman insisted that those were cultural issues and that here, at home, the real threat to women is Donald Trump. Think about that: she believes that Donald Trump’s presidency is worse for women than sharia law.

Since this involved a conversation between women I know here in my real-world, and was audited by other people I also know, I was disinclined to dig deeper into one Progressive Woman’s statement that Donald Trump is an existential threat to American women. Still, I could not get that statement out of my head: “I believe Donald Trump is a threat to American women.”

Working without that woman’s guidance, and relying instead on what women are saying in the media (new and old), I was able to come up with a few ideas that might explain her fear. Of course, each of those fears can immediately be exposed either as straw men arguments or as morally indefensible positions:

1. Trump is scary because he gropes women without asking first.

The Progressive woman on Facebook might be afraid because she thinks Trump is a dangerous predator. Sadly for her, that’s not what the facts show. In the infamous eleven-year-old conversation with Billy Bush, Trump did not say that he went around grabbing women. Instead, egged on by the boys on the bus, especially that Bush family scion, Trump stated accurately (and without reference to his own past actions) that when you’re a celebrity, women will indeed let you grab them. Heck, as Scott Baio pointed out, when you’re a (Progressive) celebrity, grabbing is almost de rigueur:


So, no, I don’t believe that Trump, personally, is a predator. An opportunist when it comes to women? Definitely. A predator? No.

A predator would be someone more like Bill Clinton, who was repeatedly accused of rape and sexual assault. Aside from those allegations, he most definitely engaged in highly improper sexual practices with a female employee who was two decades younger than he was. Sadly, though, when it came to Clinton, he got the “sexual predator abortion pass.”

Even if Trump were a predator, is this particular woman immured here in the San Francisco Bay Area worried that Trump will make a special trip to her home town so that he can personally sexually assault her? I find that hard to believe.

Perhaps this particular Progressive woman is worried that Trump will sponsor “pussy grabbing” legislation allowing all men to grab women by the crotch without any repercussions. While I doubt that will happen here, that’s the standard under traditional sharia law. It’s why 1,500 German women were groped and assault on New Years when 2015 rolled over into 2016. It’s the reason that Sweden and Australia, both of which have had large Muslim immigration for the past decade, suddenly have skyrocketing rape and sexual assault statistics.

The reality is that, if you’re a traditional Muslim man and you see an unveiled woman, your Imam has repeatedly told you that she’s yours for the taking. Moreover, if you happen to like violent sex that involves beating her, cutting her, or being so brutal you cause potentially life-threatening internal bleeding, that’s fine too. Slaves, which is what kafir women are to Muslims, don’t get a say in the matter.

Given that Trump never confessed to groping anyone, that Clinton’s groping got a pass, that Trump is unlikely to descend on women across America, and that it’s highly unlikely that federal and state law across America will change to allow the “groper’s pass,” Trump’s discussion about male celebrities groping women seems unlikely to justify that one Progressive woman’s fear.

2. Trump views women as sexual objects.

Yes, Trump likes women. He likes beautiful women. He likes them on his arms, in his arms, and in his beauty contests. He views women as sexual beings.

But does Trump’s point of view (which I might add is biologically programmed) really endanger the status of women across America? Is he really going to sponsor some wacky federal legislation returning women to being barefoot, pregnant, and in kitchen, existing only to serve men’s needs?

No, I don’t see that happening. But if fearful women want to see what their world would look like if someone did magically remove all the rights women possess in America, they might want to dig up some video footage and a few articles about women’s lives in sharia-controlled countries and territories.

In addition to being a normal heterosexual man who desires women, Trump was also the first developer in New York to put women in charge of large projects. He’s the first president to have a female campaign manager get him into our nation’s highest office. He’s appointed women to important cabinet positions. Oh, and he thinks Ivanka, a daughter, not a son, is the best thing since sliced bread. Indeed, just as Bill Clinton claimed for Hillary Clinton in the 1990s, Trump believes Ivanka is deserving of an important, substantive role in his administration.

Again, I’m at a loss as to how Trump’s alpha male, traditional passion for women, when coupled with his manifest respect for women’s abilities, is a threat to any specific woman in America or to women as a group in America.

3. Trump wants to do away with ObamaCare.

I think we’re starting to get to the heart of the matter here and it’s all about pregnancy (or its termination). Trump wants to reverse a federal policy that went into effect in 2013 that forced insurance companies to pay for women’s birth control. To Progressive women, reversing this policy does not return us to status quo 2012. Instead, it returns us to status quo: Medieval.

Requiring women to fund their own birth control pills ($9-12 per month at just about every major retail pharmacy in America) or abortifacients is tantamount to yanking from them every right they possess under the Constitution. In other words, it lowers them to the status of women under sharia law.

Is this a real fear? I doubt it. Yes, once ObamaCare’s mandates are gone, some insurance companies will stop paying for birth control. Others, having decided that birth control coverage benefits them in some way (distinguishing them from their competitors, being cheaper than dealing with pregnant insureds, etc.), will maintain it.

Birth control will not become illegal. Rolling us back to the year 2013 will mean that women and their partners can still buy condoms, gels, foams, and spermicides at Walgreens or CVS. Further, with a prescription, women can still get themselves the Pill for a price that’s less than the cost of two Starbucks coffees per month.

But what about the future uninsured, many of whom (half? more?) are going to be women? I’m not too worried. First of all, I believe that letting the free market work in health insurance, something that did not exist even before ObamaCare, will see more, not fewer, people insured, including women.

And yes, some people will lose their ObamaCare insurance, although the largest percentage of the newly insured simply ended up Medicare, which isn’t going away. Meanwhile, people (both women and men) who bought their own without subsidies saw their premiums and their deductibles climb sky-high, leaving them less insured than before.

Moreover, no matter what Trump wants or does, we’re watching the inevitable death spiral as insurance companies cannot keep up with the unhealthy on their policies in the absence of the healthy. But maybe this gal, being a Progressive, doesn’t know any of this. Maybe she truly thinks that ObamaCare, in just three years, made life so much better for women that reversing it spells their doom.

4. Trump will sign a bill de-funding Planned Parenthood.

Whenever funding for Planned Parenthood comes up, Progressives start insisting that its true mission is women’s healthcare. However, when one suggests that the same federal funds go to clinics that do not perform abortions . . . well, the truth comes out: It’s Planned Parenthood or nothing. Funding Planned Parenthood is taxpayer funding for abortion. There is absolutely no reason for PP to be a sacred cow but for the fact that, unlike different clinics that focus on women’s health, it does abortions.

So, if your measure of the true quality of life for American women essentially revolves around abortions . . . yeah, you’re going to see Trump as a threat. Which leads me to my final guess as to why at least one Progressive woman sees Trump as more dangerous to women than all of sharia law.

5. Trump is pro-Life.

As my little essay re Planned Parenthood reveals, I do believe that abortion is the nub of the issue for Third Wave feminists. Dumb women think Trump will unilaterally reverse Roe v. Wade and, with an Obama-esque stroke of the pen, make abortion illegal in America. Slightly smarter women know that he cannot do that, but understand that, once Trump has the opportunity to put two or three judges on the Supreme Court, it’s likely that (a) Roe v. Wade will be dramatically constrained or (b) Roe v. Wade will be reversed entirely.

In the latter case, if the Court abandons imaginary emanations and penumbras, thereby removing abortion from the Constitution’s reach, abortions will be returned to the states. Some, like California and New York, will continue unlimited abortion from conception to after birth. Others, like Mississippi or Oklahoma, will limit it severely, so that it exists only in cases of rape or incest, when the mother’s life is in danger and, perhaps, before it’s “quickened.” It will quickly become apparent which system has the best outcomes. And yes, some women will have babies to their detriment — but in those states banning abortion, a lot of babies that would otherwise have been killed (especially minority babies) will have a shot at life.

Progressive women know that women have already won the battles of First Wave Feminism (voting rights) and Second Wave Feminism (equal work for equal pay, equality of opportunity, and the right to a work space safe from Clintonian sexual harassment). Sure, there are random situations in which individual employers try to deny women the benefit of Second Wave Feminism, but doing so is against the law and courts across America side with the women. (In courts with real judges, they side with the women if the facts and law support the women’s claims. In courts with activist, Progressive, so-called judges, they side with the women no matter the law or facts.)

All that remains for Progressive women are the battles of Third Wave feminism. These battles can be distilled to the following principles: All straight, non-minority American men are rapists (even if they haven’t raped already, they probably will in future). All women are victims of subliminal discrimination that can be done away with only upon the election of a woman president, never mind that their first effort in this regard enabled a serial sexual harasser and probable rapist for years. And a woman’s control over her body is so great that she can destroy anything within it — never mind that, whether women like it or not, Nature or God gave them the unique ability to grow a new life within them.

I’ve said forever that, when you get right down it it, the make or break point for Progressive women in America is abortion. They may be worried about illegal immigrants or sharia or the economy, and they may even agree with conservatives on every point on those subjects. Touch abortion, however, and they will jettison every other principle they hold and vote for the Planned Parenthood candidate. Abortion is their Holy Grail.

Moreover, things will not change — this abortion civil war that destroys everything it touches — will end only when American women accept that, no matter how inconvenient, painful, and economically damaging it may be, their ticket in the genetic lottery is to create life and not blithely to destroy it. Do understand that I say this with great sympathy to women who, once pregnant, don’t want to stay that way. I’ve dedicated the last 20 years of my life and health to children, despite not particularly liking children and never wanting to have them. Those years, therefore, haven’t been particularly happy for me, but I have the consolation that, morally, I did the right thing, and that’s good enough for me.