Bookworm Beat 4/20/17 — thank goodness for friends edition

This Bookworm Beat is about the mad, mad, mad, mad and often quite scary world the Social Justice Warriors have given us.

Bookworm Beat logoI have been spring cleaning my small office for three days now and, finally, I’m done. Despite its small size, it had become the dumping ground for every piece of paper that ever came into the house, whether mine or the kids’. Add to that time the time spent dealing with a sick dog (she’s better now), and I’ve done squat when it comes to blogging. Thankfully, friends have helped out. These links are as good as anything I would have picked:

An in-depth look in Politico at a truly horrible Title IX decision at college and then in the 9th Circuit.

For much of Western history, society deplored the Seven Deadly Sins. Progressives have embraced them as desirable values.

You might have seen this link before, but it is a very good one. Someone high up in China’s Politburo is sending an open and obvious message to Kim Jung Un.

One of the many things on Trump’s to-do list, virtually all of which are top priorities, should be making available the data on crime uniquely collected by the federal government. We know the reasons it’s not available at the moment — race and CYA.

If China cuts oil supplies to the Kim regime, that really will be a huge deal. The country will grind to a halt.

An interesting essay from Katie Hopkins on Theresa May’s snap elections.

An homage to the capitalist innovators who failed spectacularly.

Guns and Venezuela . . . . if this isn’t right out of Socialism 101, I don’t know what is.

There is an amazing story in the press today that a beaver herded 150 cattle. In fact, the story was wrong. When the ranchers later rounded up the cattle, they found it was 200.

A perfect gift for the infantile prog. . . .

A good PJM article on the woman, now “victim,” trying to punch a guy in the throat.

Capitalism, credit, and cheese in Italy. . . .

A very astute observation by a blogger on the intent of the SJW philosophy. It is designed to create collective guilt, and thus collective reparations. Indeed, when added to the other truisms of the left, it is possible to see how they maintain their radicalism in a nation where none of it is justified — i.e., that racism is now subjective and that truth is a false concept used by white supremacists. Such people cannot be engaged in rational discussion and are determined to impose their will. God, but do these beliefs need to die a quick and brutal death. Exhibit 2 here.

Slow cooker French Toast.

A female prof discusses her long journey from left to right.