To those fearing impeachment, snap out of it! Not going to happen.

Impeachment is a Progressive, GOP, #NeverTrump pipe dream. On known facts, there’s no basis, so here’s a slap in the face to snap you out of your fear.

Slap in Face Impeachment fear snap out of itI see it all over my Facebook feed: triumphant Leftists, certain that we’re on the verge of impeaching Trump and weak-kneed conservatives, egged on by ever-hostile #NeverTrumpers, certain that the Progressives are correct and that it’s all over now. Well it’s not all over.

The only reason Progressives think they’re in the catbird seat is that Trump voters are allowing the media to live in their heads. As for #NeverTrumpers, I suspect that they imagine a halcyon future in which a dignified, refined President Pence presides over a dignified, refined Republican golden age. As if!

I don’t care how wonderful Pence is (and I think he’s awesome). The reality is that, if the Democrats can bring Trump down, no Republican will ever again be allowed to occupy the White House. If Trump goes on the shoddy, fake grounds currently asserted, so goes our republic.

Russia? So what if people, including Trump people, talked to Russia? Russia may be a geopolitical foe in the larger sense, something that’s theoretically true for every nation in the world, but during the entire Obama administration, Russia was not the enemy. Remember this?

And this?

And this?

Since the Cold War’s end, as Obama pointed out, Russia has been an American trading partner and, under Obama’s aegis, a “peace” partner too. No wonder, then, that Trump and his associates reasonably had dealings with Russia. Heck, Democrat Mark Warner made millions off of Russia. Provided that Trump and co. (as well as Warner and his buddies) weren’t violating any laws in terms of how they conducted their business dealings, they did nothing wrong.

Setting aside the fact that Russia was not our enemy during the lead-up to the election, seven months of post-election hysteria have failed to yield even a scintilla of evidence that Trump, or those close to him, did anything wrong vis-a-vis the Russians. Given that we know that the Obama administration started listening on Trump associates at least as far back as October, if there was something going on, one would think our feckless intelligence and investigation services would have found it, whether directly or inferentially. But . . . nothing. Nothing we know is a ground for impeachment.

By the way, have you ever asked a Progressive or #NeverTrumper about the details of that alleged Russian hacking? I love asking Leftists that question, something I always do very disingenously. “So, I don’t quite understand. Exactly how did the Russians hack the election?” It’s a good way to end a conversation really fast.

The reality that the media and other shrieking heads are obscuring is that there’s no evidence that Russians messed with voting machines in any of the fifty states. There’s also no evidence that they suborned voter fraud. Indeed, whenever we hear stories of voter fraud, that fraud always seems to play out in increased Democrat votes.

Stripped of anti-Trump malice, what the so-called “Russian hack” boils down to is the fact that someone hacked into the DNC’s computer. It was really a lovely hack. After all, it revealed to the world what revolting, cynical, and dishonest people Democrat political operatives are. It also reminded voters that Democrats, in keeping with Hillary’s history, can’t be trusted when it comes to security.

Of late, with increased focus on Seth Rich, there’s been good reason to believe that the DNC hack was an inside job by a disaffected young Democrat who was appalled at the way the primary was rigged in Hillary’s favor against Bernie. It’s sad that the poor young man got himself killed in a robbery by a robber who didn’t even try to rob him. It’s also ironically funny convenient deaths so often happen to people close to the Clintons. Lots of murders and interesting suicides in which people shoot themselves in the back of the head.

But why are we still speculating about how the system was hacked. Shouldn’t we know by know? I mean, wouldn’t Comey and his FBI team have taken the DNC computers apart to figure out how it happened?

Well, no. As best as I can tell, even though the DNC computers are at the heart of the “Putin conspired with Trump” conspiracy claim, the DNC has not allowed the FBI to look at the computers. Instead, the FBI is basing its manifestly risible “computer hack” investigation on the Democrats’ say-so about the nature of the hack. I’m not a lawyer at rarefied federal, political levels, but I’m pretty sure that even I could defend Trump against any charges based on those DNC computers.

The whole Russian thing is a dead-end. It is not a basis for impeachment.

With the dead-end looming in front of them, Democrats are moving away from it and heading to something new. Thus, the big new cry from the Left and the crocodile sobs from the #NeverTrumpers centers around Trump’s alleged “obstruction of justice.”

The best way to understand the whole obstructing justice argument is to take yourself back to your junior high days, imagining yourself in the world of kids aged 11 to 13. Try to remember when you had a crush on someone. Of course you couldn’t come out and actually tell that someone you had a crush. Instead, you talked about it with your best friends, in a manly way, if you were a 12 year old boy, and in a giggly, girly way, if you were a girl.

Having talked to your friends, everyone understood that you had given them unspoken marching orders. Or at least you, the crushor, hoped that they understood that you had given them marching orders regarding the crushee. What your friends were supposed to do — and often did — was to speak, not to your crush, but to one of your crush’s friends.

Your friend would tell the crush’s friend that you kind of, sort of, in a cool, mature way, were interested in the crush. And then you waited to see whether the crush’s friend communicated this fascinating fact to the crushee. If you were lucky, the crushee would pass you by during lunch and say, “Hey!” and you’d be, like, all “Oh. My God.”

That utterly immature scenario is how Comey managed to engineer the leak of a couple of mildly inappropriate sentences from a memorandum he allegedly wrote immediately after meeting with Trump back in February. Months after having filed the memo away without acting upon it, he coyly gave it to a friend who looked at it and thought, “Oh. My. God. This is so cool. I bet bestie Comey wants me to call the Washington Post, ’cause it would be super embarrassing for him to call himself. But I have to be cool. So I’ll just say that I happened to see the memo and I can only read a little bit of it.”

And that’s how we know that, back in February, in a face-to-face moment between Trump and Comey, Trump also acted like a 12 year old boy: “Gee, Jimmy. Mikey Flynn’s a cool guy. I like him, but you keep bugging him. Are you ever going to stop bugging my friend Mikey?”

Only in a Leftist or #NeverTrumper fool’s paradise is that obstruction of justice. Indeed, it wasn’t even obstruction of justice to Comey himself. If it had been, he had a hardcore legal obligation to report it immediately. Instead, he deep sixed it in his file cabinet as just another blackmail item should he ever need it. In the real world, outside of the steamy, fetid swamp that is Washington, D.C., Trump’s words are a little boy’s hope that the bully will finally leave him alone — and yes, in this scenario, “Trump the Bully” is actually the little boy.

It’s Comey who has been playing bullying, corrupt games, as he did with Whitewater, as he did with the Marc Rich pardon, as he did with appointing himself head of the DOJ when Ashcroft had surgery, and as he did throughout the election when he ignored the entire Washington infrastructure so that he could simultaneously indict and pardon Hillary. He is a power-hungry, manipulative dude who could give Machiavelli a run for the money.

So no, I’m not impressed with that alleged February memorandum as a basis for impeachment either.

If you step back from the swirling media hysteria, what you see is a beleaguered president, who’s bombastic, explosive, and surprisingly, heart-warmingly valiant despite his myriad weaknesses, trying to fulfill his promises to the nation that elected him. And do keep in mind that it was a nation, not a few pockets of angry, histrionic blue, that elected him:

Trump has done some wonderful things: Most obviously, he’s not Hillary. President Hillary would have turned the Supreme Court into a far Left engine and completed the work of packing the Federal appellate courts with activist judges. She would have continued our open border policy, doubled-down on the pretense that Islam is a religion of peace without an ugly side, advanced the Obama agenda of turning our military into a vast social justice experiment, sent more memoranda to colleges and cities insisting on pushing the Left’s culture war, expanded government, raised taxes, and generally been Obama’s third term, although without his charm (and, I must confess, I always found Obama singularly charmless).

To date, Trump has put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, put Mattis in the Pentagon, nominated several conservatives for the federal appellate courts, built a virtual wall merely by enforcing existing immigration laws, put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, stopped the federal government’s relentless social justice pressure, rolled back onerous Obama-era regulations stifling industry and energy, put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, frozen federal hiring, slapped back Bashir al-Assad, taken serious Kim Jong-Un’s apocalyptic posturing, allowed Nicki Haley to defend Israel in the UN, and put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

Yes, there have been fails, although a lot of them seem tied to the fact that, on his first day in office, he didn’t fire every single Obama holdover in Washington, D.C., and in embassies around the world (and I count Comey in the list of people who should have been instantaneously fired). He’s also giving way too much power to Ivanka and her husband. They’re a lovely couple and I love that they’re Jewish and pro-Israel, but the fact is that both are Leftists (it’s that college/class thing). Additionally, Kushner may be enriching himself a little too much which, while it may not be illegal, certainly looks bad. Still, I’ll take Trump’s negatives any day over what we would have gotten under President Hillary.

When it comes to impeachment, the problem isn’t Trump, no matter his personal or political failings (which are much less than the media would have us believe). Instead, the problem is that the Left has the bit in its teeth, aided by a Republican political establishment that loathes Trump, a cadre of intellectual #NeverTrumpers who cannot forgive this bombastic, crude, often incoherent behemoth who is associating himself with their ideology, and weak-kneed conservatives who were willing to ride along with Trump when he looked like a winner but are starting to go wobbly now.

It’s to the last named that I dedicate the following video, one that everyone over fifty will remember. When the idea of impeachment floats into your brain, watch the video, and you’ll instantly buck up:

Snap out of it, guys! All of the yelling from the Left and the hostile Right will not make impeachment happen. Trust me when I say that a good mental slap will turn you right around and make the fear leave your mind and body.

Photo credit: Slap, by Freya Spargo. Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.