After the latest Islamic attack, we see the dregs to which England has sunk

Showing how far it’s sunk, following the latest Islamic attack, England celebrates a coward with his beer as a sign of the nation’s “defiance.”

Islamic jihad terror England dregsDregs:
1. Dregs, the sediment of liquids; lees; grounds.
2. Usually, dregs. the least valuable part of anything:
the dregs of society.

Seldom can the dual meanings of one word so aptly sum up a decayed, defenseless nation. It popped into my mind when I saw that England has managed to latch onto a single image from last night’s Islamic massacre — at the iconic London Bridge — that they believe sums up their “spirit” and that I believe sums up how the dregs of drink reflect the dregs of England, i.e., the end of a nation.

I first saw England do its little “we’re still here” boast at the LAD Bible:

Islamic jihad London beer

The same image and boast showed up at the Daily Mail:

Islamic jihad London beer

The image is in keeping with the advice the British government is giving its disarmed citizens when a terror attack happens:

A comic song from England in WWII has become the British national code:

Whatever you do, dear British rabbits, don’t give the Islamic farmer his London meat pie.

Mike Rowe put up a Facebook post that didn’t comment on how the dregs of England haul the dregs of their beer when Islamic terrorists act, but he did have something to say about a mindset that tells people to run and hide, rather than to fight back:

There are certainly tales of heroism emerging from the latest Islamic massacre in a Western country. In his Facebook post, Mike Rowe mentions the bar owner who barred the door, and we hear about those poor disarmed Brits doing their best throwing chairs and bottles at Islamists armed with 12-inch knives. (Incidentally, the knife intifada in Israel, which was a trial run for what’s now happening in Europe, petered out when the Israelis started allowing concealed carry to a population trained to use weapons.) [UPDATE: Here’s the link for a police officer who, armed only with a baton, did battle with the terrorists.]

Nevertheless, a nation that once rose up to the challenge to “keep calm and carry on,” is now told to run and hide and, not only does it do that, but it’s pretty damn proud when one of its own manages to keep a drink aloft while doing so.  It’s not London Bridge that’s falling down; it’s the whole of London, and England along with it.