Yesterday I wrote about Leftist dementia; today provided further proof

I’ve theorized about Leftist dementia: Leftists argue in the same way as persons suffering from dementia. Britain’s Diane Abbott supports the theory.

Diane Abbott Leftist dementiaYesterday, I offered my theory about Leftist dementia: that is, I noted that the way Leftists argue is indistinguishable from the way in which people with dementia respond to questions. Today, Power Line put up a post that further proved my point:

The British general election will be held tomorrow. In search of comic relief from the domestic political scene, I have turned to the Daily Mail’s account of shadow Labour home secretary Diane Abbott’s latest “car-crash” interview….

Having returned from her public absence following an earlier “car crash” interview last month, as well as a follow-up “car crash” interview about the “car crash” interview, Ms. Abbott gave an interview in which she seemed utterly clueless about Lord Harris’s report on improving the response to terror in London, despite claiming she had read it (here I’m borrowing from the summary posted with the YouTube clip above).


The Daily Mail helpfully explained that Ms. Abbott had struggled with questions posed by Sky News interviewer Dermot Murnaghan (“a long-standing ally of Mr Corbyn and one of his few cheerleaders in the parliamentary party”) as she “left long pauses and struggled to give answers about the content of the Harris report.”

You can see the video here. It makes for simultaneously painful and funny watching.

You can read more about the Abbott Leftist dementia train wreck here.