Potential meet up?

Coffee Shop Meet UpThis is not a sure thing; it’s an exploratory feeler, so to speak.

I’m heading to LA this weekend for the Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture, which Daniel Greenfield is giving this year. If any of you will be there, please give me a shout-out.

Also, I’ll be going home on Monday. I have to be at Burbank Airport by 11 a.m.. What I’m wondering is whether any of my SoCal readers would be interested in getting together for a morning coffee (or, in my case, tea) near Burbank Airport before I have to take off.

Let me reiterate that I’m just feeling around on this one. My wonderful in-laws are hosting me for the weekend and, if it’s disruptive to them for me to head out early on Monday, I won’t.

Photo credit: Johnnie’s Coffee Shop, by Sam Howzit. Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.