The Democrat party is hamstrung because it can’t tell the truth about itself

Insiders and observers are giving good advice to the Democrat party, but it all avoids the obvious: Democrats cannot tell the truth about their goals.

Democrat PartySeveral articles in the news recently combine to highlight a salient point about today’s Democrat party. The first is from Dan Balz, at Wapo, the title of which succinctly states Balz’s points: “Beyond opposing Trump, the Democrats are still searching for a message.” Balz identifies what is slowly becoming obvious to Progressivs — after four special election losses, while opposing Trump is enough for them, it is not enough for everyone else, including people who voted for Trump in 2016. You’d think they would have been quicker to realize that constantly telling voters “I hate you and everything you stand for” is not persuasive. Still, it’s a sign that Progressives can learn that, as Balz notes, at least some are calling for an emphasis on the economy.

For those looking to make a sale to Trump voters and undecided voters, though, a Democrat party emphasis on the economy is going to be a hard sell. It’s only the base that’s honest enough to admit that, from the top down, the only economic goal the modern Democrat party has is full frontal socialism:

For progressives, the answer to this problem is clear: a boldly liberal message that attacks big corporations and Wall Street and calls for a significant increase in government’s role in reducing income and wealth inequality. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has been aggressive in promoting exactly that, as he did during the 2016 campaign, with calls for a big investment in infrastructure and free college tuition at public colleges and universities. He has said he intends to introduce legislation he calls “Medicare for All.”

The other article, which comes from The Hill, notes that some Dems, seemingly those not on the hard Left, are pushing their congresscritters to stop talking about Russia all of the time.

Taking these two articles in conjunction, there is little doubt that, subject to a small (and easily ignored) subset of semi-sane Democrats, Progressives (aka the Democrat Party) see talking about Russia as far more edifying than the economy. One can’t help but be fascinated by what the Democrat Party power brokers mean to do if they “turn towards the economy.” How does one push socialist ideas while denying their socialism, even as the base is screaming “We love you, Karl Marx”?

The hard reality that the Progressives face is that Obama pulled us hard Left, with higher taxes and a tsunami of regulations, and he did so with the Democrat Party’s enthusiastic support. At the end of the day, of course, nothing that the Dems did “created jobs.” Indeed, the Dems are currently hoping that nobody notices that, in just the first five months of his presidency, the Trump effect elevated black employment to heights not seen for the last 17 years. So what exactly would their turn to the economy be?

The Democrats have cut out the middle option in regards to the economy. You could talk about green jobs in 2008; you can’t do so without getting your lunch eaten in 2016. And that is just one example. To go towards the middle now means to go to the right, towards Trump. But therein lies the trap for the Democrats, as their rabid Prog base would eat them alive.

Moreover, Democrats have no intention of taking on their ever more culturally radical base. No one on the right has yet to make that an issue, but it is an issue, and a huge one.

Most people have no idea of the crap being taught in our colleges. They don’t understand the social justice warriors’ goals nor the utterly insane foundation on which their goals are built. They do not understand that third wave feminism truly hates men, especially white men, and sees its ultimate revenge in destroying America. Nor do they realize that radicalized blacks want to do the same, in addition to wanting to establish government discrimination against whites and, again, white men in particular.

Unless you’re as fixated with news as we are, and unless you follow enough non-MSM media to be made aware of what’s going on in America’s Progressive milieu, you really cannot fathom how radical the American Left is. Moreover, while some may be aware that the far Left gets full support from — and, indeed, is incubated in — academia, the MSM adeptly prevents them from seeing that the Proggie infrastructure, from Obama to Pelosi to Perez to Nancy Whats-her-name-I-know-nothing-Schultz, provides it with vast sums of money filtered through government unions and taxpayer-funded subsidies. (A recent example of the latter is the way in which an Obama holdover in the NEA gave $20,000 to a Leftist mime group doing a musical about a mentally-ill lesbian illegal immigrant — and she’s the sympathetic star of this zippy new show.)

This ignorance isn’t just among those who prefer ignorance. Women who graduated from college more than 20 years ago, before the campus madness took center stage, consider themselves good Progressives and therefore free of racism’s stain. They were therefore quite surprised when they arrived at the Womyn’s Marches against . . . who knows what, suitably attired in their little pink hats, only to find that if they wanted to march, they first had to acknowledge their white privilege and then get to the back of the march.

Perhaps the most rational analysis of the progs electoral problems comes from a Brit, Piers Morgan. He is himself well left of center, but unlike every pro-in-good-standing in America, he does not seem to hold President Trump in contempt – and thus, his rationality. This from his most recent offering at the Daily Mail:

Democrats lose again (0-4),’ gloated President Donald Trump last night after his party won Georgia’s vacant 6th Congressional District.

Then he added an extra ball-spiking slam: ‘Total disarray.’

Unlike some of Trump’s public statements, this was one that no Democrat could legitimately contest for factual accuracy.

They really HAVE lost all four special House elections since he won the White House.

And they really ARE in total disarray.

I’ve spent the past few months warning liberals their constant hysterical behaviour in relation to Trump would backfire and simply strengthen his position.

All completely correct. Morgan then goes on to add his prescription to cure the Democrat ills. The list, which he expounds upon in some detail, includes:

1. Dump Hillary. . . .
2. Stop abusing Trump. . . .
3. Find a leader. . . .
4. Get positive. . . .
6. Get out into the heartland. . . .
8. Tell your celebrity fans to shut the f*** up. . . .
9. Do deals with Republicans. . . .
10. Learn to win again. . . .

That said, his analysis fails at two points. First, there is his fifth prescription, which you might have noticed is missing from the above list. Morgan tells Democrats to “be inclusive.” That advice is more than simply problematic for today’s Democrat Party. There is no possible way to reconcile, honestly at least, the goals of the key Democrat victims groups, black radicals, radical feminists, and the LGBTQ powerhouse, all of which want to destroy straight white men and America’s traditional moral underpinnings, on the one hand, with the goals and needs of the white working class voters who have gone over to Trump, on the other hand.

As Rep. Debbie Dingell, who represents white working class voters in Michigan, stated recently, she “feels like a stranger” in her “own party.” That’s because the Democrat party of 2017 is no longer the big tent party it was throughout our history. It is now solely devoted to individual victim groups. Dems are the opposite of a big tent today. When Reagan complained in 1964 that he “didn’t leave the Democratic party; the Democratic party left” him, he couldn’t possibly have imagined how far his former party still had to travel into Karl Marx’s open arms.

Dingell is figuring out that, not only is this no longer her grandfather’s Democrat party, it’s no longer her father’s either. The penny is also very close to dropping for Piers Morgan. Here is what he writes for his seventh prescription:

7) Stand for something, and mean it. Everybody knows what Trump stands for because he’s banged the drum for his core issues – like The Wall, bringing back outsourced jobs and his travel ban – more times than Charlie Watts has banged his for the Rolling Stones. I honestly haven’t got a clue what the Democrats currently believe really matters to either themselves or Americans. And that’s a big problem when you’re trying to beat one of the most skilled brand-managers in American political history.

And that is the rub. It is not that the Democrats don’t stand for anything. They most certainly do: Socialism. Cultural Marxism. Atheism. Anti-White Male bigotry. The debasement of the Constitution. State control over the family. One can go on and on. The problem is every one of those things that the Democrats stand for, all of which many of us saw at their base for decades, their power brokers still have to hide or they will lose most every election outside the Peoples’ Republics of California and New York.

(Although this post goes out under the Bookworm byline, it is a joint project between Bookworm and Wolf Howling. The latter did the lion’s share of the work, including the intellectual insights, but Bookworm polished it a little and published it.)