[VIDEOS] Paul Joseph Watson on Muslims and Leftists

Paul Joseph Watson savagely eviscerates the ignorance, hypocrisy, and self-loathing behind Leftist attacks against whites and support for Islam.

Paul Joseph WatsonAs always with Paul Joseph Watson videos, I have a few content warnings: Obscenity, sarcasm, rampant ridiculing of Leftist ignorance and hypocrisy, a failure properly to appreciate cultural relativism, an obsession with actual facts, and astute analysis that’s impressive in one so young. Be sure to get your binky and find your safe space if any of these things are likely to trigger you.

You can see more here, at his YouTube page. As always, I wish he wasn’t linked with Alex Jones, as the latter’s content and style probably drive away people who would otherwise appreciate Watson. Like Milo, Watson is a stand-alone.