Your opinion, please, about Trump’s Mika tweet, which riled Progs & GOPers

Donald Trump at CPAC 2016 Good picture for Trump's Mika tweet

Does Trump’s Mika tweet mean he’s gone too far or has this crazy fox raised a distraction that allows him to take care of other business? Opinions, please.

This morning, Progressives and and stalwart #NeverTrumpers were outraged because of Trump’s Mika tweet:

I think we can accept as given that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski (daughter of the execrable Carter-era anti-Semite Zbigniew Brzezinski, not that her father is her fault), have been having a fine old time with non-stop ugly and aggressive Trump bashing. The question is whether this president or any president should bash right back, in very personal terms.

Two things to think about: First, a lot of Lefties are saying “how dare he treat a woman that way!” This strikes me as being a double-standard. If you don’t like his commenting about someone’s facelift recovery period, you shouldn’t be dragging the person’s sex into the matter.

Second, my feeling is that one of my hard-Left friends may actually have figured out what’s going on: With the Republicans going down in flames on Obamacare (helped by media lies, but that’s another story), Trump has just created a useful, albeit vulgar distraction. The tweet is the vulgarian’s equivalent of “the hand being quicker than the eye.” While the Left and the #NeverTrumper’s obsess about the tweets, I have a feeling Trump is off doing something else entirely.

What say you, my friends?