Abstinence — still the safest form of birth control for all living things

Recent news stories reaffirm that, if you’re a woman who cares about the environment, your preferred form of birth control should be abstinence.

birth control pill the pill estrogen abstinenceI was cleaning out the files on my computer when I came across a poster I put together three years ago. Looking it over, I realized that today’s news stories make it a very current poster.

The first apropos story is the report revealing that male sperm counts are plummeting, raising the possibility that the human race will die out (if it doesn’t first bake, freeze, or get immolated by a super volcano, of course).  One thoughtful commentator wonders if the problem could be all the estrogen in Western waterways.

It’s not just men. Fish are also showing signs of estrogen, resulting in intersex fish. One wonders if that explains the uptick in men who believe they’re women. The problem is that it doesn’t explain the uptick in women who think they’re men.

With those two news stories in mind, it’s obvious that I have to resurrect my abstinence = environmentalism poster:

Abstinence birth control intersex infertility estrogen
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