Israel: Some Muslim Arabs know a good thing when they see it

Two videos, one from a Bedouin and one from a famed Kuwaiti writer, showing that Muslim Arabs can support Israel and will speak out for her.

Abdullah Al-Hadlaq Israel Muslim ArabsThis first video is amazing. Adam Milstein, who brought the video to my attention, describes it as incredibly important and, if you watch MEMRI’s video, you’ll see that he’s not exaggerating:

This may be the most important video you’ll see. Period.

Sometimes, the most profound insight comes from the most unexpected sources.

Well known Kuwaiti writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq, appearing on Kuwaiti TV, made one of the most outspoken, accurate and shocking proclamations about Israel and its place in the world.

The video is important, not just because Al-Hadlaq said what he said; it’s that he said it without immediately being rounded up and executed on that same TV show.

Obama never showed anything but disdain for Israel and was obviously willing to make her a sacrificial lamb to appease Iran’s Mad Mullahs. It’s therefore fantastically ironic that Obama’s machinations in Iran’s favor ended up frightening Sunni Gulf Arabs so much that they are carefully and delicately seeking rapprochement with Israel.

The second video comes from Prager U and offers insights from a Bedouin in Israel. As Mohammad Kabiya explains, in 1948, significant numbers of Bedouins in Northern Israel made the conscious decision to remain as part of the Israeli state. If my memories of a visit to a Bedouin visit a few decades ago are correct, they’ve managed to maintain their separate culture while nevertheless thinking of themselves as full Israeli citizens — which is precisely the way Israelis think of them.

Nevertheless, wherever there are Leftists and colleges, you’re going to have people hewing to Hamas’s stated goal of annihilating the Jewish state, even if doing so is clearly against their own self-interest. Kabiya explores that tension as he explains why it became obvious to him that he should serve his country by enlisting in the IDF:

The times they are a’ changin’.


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