All family all the time open thread

Open Thread bubbleIt’s been one of those days. I meant to post, I really did, but it didn’t happen.

And — a confession — when I wasn’t dealing with family, I was reading Lee Child’s latest, The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel. I had put both that book and Ron Chernow’s Grant. They came one right after the other, so I’ve been trying to read both as fast as I can before they have to be returned to the next reader in line. Because I can read a Jack Reacher book in hours, rather than days, I used whatever downtime I had today to read it.

I’m currently helping one of my Little Bookworms prepare for an English exam. Aaargh! This kid’s mistakes have remained unchanged for seven years.

Anyway, have fun with this open thread. I’ll get back to writing asap . . . probably around midday or early afternoon on Thursday.