The Watcher’s Council takes on the DACA challenge

Over the weekend, Watcher’s Council members thought about how best to handle DACA. Their answers are now at WOW! Magazine. You can read mine here, too.

DACA Illegal immigrants illegal aliensEvery week, there’s a forum at WOW! Magazine, the online site for the venerable Watcher’s Council. This week’s question was “How Would You Deal With The DACA Issue?” I don’t always participate in these forums, sometimes because I’m too stuporous to rouse myself and sometimes because I have nothing to say. This weekend, though, I had a burst of energy and an opinion. Here, therefore, is my take:

Well, you’d have to start by getting rid of every activist judge in America — such as the one who recently held that Obama had the right to issue an illegal executive order regarding immigration, but that Trump has no right to undo that order. He takes his place in a long and dishonorable line-up of judges who ignore the Constitution and duly passed law to achieve Progressive goals. Nothing will happen with DACA as long as we have judges like that.

I’m weird in that I believe in enforcing the law as written. If you don’t like the law, you change the law; you don’t have the Deep State, the Chamber of Commerce, and RINOs bypass the law entirely, while castigating the law abiding as racist, bigoted haters.

So, my solution: Start deporting everyone who is here illegally. Yes, there are a lot. Eventually, though, we won’t have to deport all of them. People will figure out that the government is actually serious about its laws. At that point, those who are here illegally, rather than being rushed out on someone else’s timetable, will move elsewhere in an orderly manner — or apply for political asylum if they need it.

Also, I’d strip all government monies from illegals. Every last dime.

Yes, this is cold and cruel, but at a certain point, you either decide to cut out the cancer or accept that it’s going to kill you. We cannot and should not be responsible for every disastrous country in the world. They and their citizens must take responsibility for themselves. Nowhere in the Constitution is America mandated to take in millions of illiterate, often medieval, people. In the 19th century, when a pre-technological world needed bodies, immigration policies were one way; in the 21st century, well, they need to be another way.

And no, I don’t want to hear “what about the children”? Children are always the pawns of adults’ poor decisions. If I’m going to care about the children, I’m going to care about children whose are legal Americans: Children who live in Democrat-run ghettos, children whose parents are in prison, children who are trapped in public schools because Progressives, buoyed at voting booths by illegals, refuse to issue vouchers. You know, those children.

In terms of real world solutions, I have none. These are just ardent fantasies from someone who believes that, without the rule of law, we’re in the fast lane to becoming a shithole country.

If I had to give the above a grade on a curve, compared to the other insights from Council members, I’d give myself a C+ or a B-. My answer is shoot from the hip emotion (so very Leftist of me intellectually, right?); my fellow Council members come at the issue using their brains and the facts. You really should check it out.