Bookworm Beat 3/27/18 — Still more Second Amendment posters (and other stuff too)

More than a month after the Parkland shooting, the Left’s effort to destroy the Second Amendment is ramping up, not dying down — so here are more posters!

Second Amendment v Planned Parenthood

The following is not a conservative cartoon; it is an admiring picture someone took of a sign a kid carried in one of the marches this past weekend. I include it here for two reasons. First, it’s rather clever, so it is a perfect Alinsky message from the Left. Second, I wanted to make a point about that last obscene word in that poster. It is hate-filled, disrespectful, and completely unnecessary. It also perfectly sums up what happens when you put uninformed, badly raised children in charge.

This is another Leftist poster meant to assure us that we’re doing the right thing to put our nation in children’s hands. The obvious rebuttal is that our Founding Fathers, who are being held up as avatars of brilliant youth, badly wanted the Second Amendment. The subset of that rebuttal is that the Founding Fathers were highly educated, moral people, who had been tested in war, and who lived in a time and a place in which youth ended when adolescence began. In this, they are distinct from today’s children who are minimally educated, lacking in basic moral decency, untested, and living in a time and a place in which childhood — meaning the freedom from serious responsibility — is extended well into these youngsters’ late 20s.


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