Kanye West tweets show blacks the road off the Democrat plantation

What happens when Kanye West, an incredibly famous black man, announces that blacks are allowed to like Trump? The Leftist political paradigm cracks.

Kanye West Dragon EnergyI am a hopelessly un-hip, white, middle-aged woman. Up until the last few days, I’ve known three things about Kanye West: He’s a black rap or hip-hop musician (not sure which), he’s married to one of the Kardashians, and he’s fabulously successful. Good for him. That’s the American dream (except, maybe, for the Kardashian bit, which is only some people’s idea of a dream).

Oh, and I’ve also known that Kanye is remarkably unfiltered. A friend reminded me that, in 2009, Kanye objected to a VMA award that Taylor Swift received because he thought it should have gone to Beyonce. He was also not above comparing himself to the crucified Christ, although I think that’s more about shock-value product promotion than anything else.

Mostly, though, it seems that Kanye is pure id — there’s no dissimulation with Kanye. What he thinks is how he acts.

All those factors — his fame within the black music community, his high-profile generally amongst both blacks and hip people of other ethnicities, and his willingness to be unfiltered — came together in a beautiful way when Kanye tweeted support for Candace Owens, a gorgeous, intelligent young black woman who has taken the red pill, left the blue pill plantation on which Democrats parked blacks, and become a rock star on YouTube and the conservative campus lecture circuit:

Proggies across America, especially in the entertainment industry, were horrified. So Kanye the unfiltered provocateur doubled down and turned many Americans into Dragon Energy believers. We may not know what Dragon Energy is, but for too many people forced through identity politics to support the Democrat party, Dragon Energy has the whiff of political freedom about it:

There’s also that instantly infamous pair of tweets showing Kanye in his signed Trump hat:

And there’s the home truth Kanye tweeted out about Obama’s tenure and its effect on Chicago:

Scott Adams is kvelling, because he sees the synergy between Kanye (insanely popular black hip-hop star) and Donald Trump (paradigm breaker extraordinaire) as something that may be a hinge point in American political history because it could shatter the Democrats’ stranglehold on blacks and other minorities:

I should say here that I don’t actually have an opinion about Kanye himself. I’ve never heard his music. His tweeting does not mean I attribute to him sudden wisdom that I missed before. What’s important here is simply that a very, very famous black person turned his back on the group think. That act alone is sufficient to shift the political dynamic in America.

In fact, I agree with Matt Walsh, who is earnestly reminding people that Kanye is not conservative:

Walsh is right, but I at least am not suddenly following Kanye as a political avatar. I’m simply thrilled, as I said, that someone hugely famous has turned to his fellow American blacks and said “Think for yourself. Your politics do not have to be defined by your skin color.”

It’s fascinating to search for the trending word “Kanye” on Twitter. In addition to the inevitable insults and craven behavior, there’s lots of praise, often from unexpected sources, and there are people coming out of the closet, because Kanye showed it can be done. In other words, lots of Dragon Energy. I thought I’d share a few of the more interesting ones with you.

First, Chance the Rapper had something to say. This matters because, for those who follow rap, he’s apparently a big deal.

Do I hear the sound of more and more people running from the Democrat plantation?


I’ve divided these tweets into two groups — those that see good things in Kanye’s actions and those that see bad. First, the positive reactions:

And now the deeply unhappy angry tweets (language alerts because haters gotta hate using obscenity):

I don’t even know what this next one is supposed to mean, but she sounds angry and racist. Must be a Democrat:

Basically, the word coming down from on-high on the Left says, “Black people, under no account are you allowed to think for yourselves. You get right back onto the Democrat plantation and let us think what’s best for you. Anyone who tells you differently has committed a thought crime and must be deleted.” Regardless of Kanye’s narcissism, commercial calculations, or anything else, I am so glad he’s challenging the word from on-high.


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