[VIDEO] How the Left perverts language to advance political ends

Prager U is out with another video, this one detailing the ways in which the Left perverts language to advance both political and cultural goals.

Left perverts languageThere is nothing new about the way in which the Left perverts language to achieve its political ends. After all, a significant part of Orwell’s 1984 focuses on the way in which totalitarian government deliberately, and with force of arms, uses a language called “Newspeak” to pervert, degrade, and diminish speech. It does so to limit¬†people’s ability to think and to advance its political objectives.

I’ve periodically written here about my hatred for Leftist language manipulation, with my most recent attacking multiple Leftist euphemisms, including that abhorrent, dishonest phrase “undocumented immigrants.”¬†It turns out I could have saved the time and energy it took me to write that post (although I think it’s worth a read). Prager University is just out with a new video featuring Michael Knowles providing a pithy rundown of the Lefts’ worst linguistic offenders:


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