Things So Asinine I Had To Click On Them

Using Siri makes you a tool of the patriarchy  Not yet.  Not until  I can order Siri to make me a sandwich and have her ask “Would you like mustard on that?”

Bill Kristol Falls For Trump Parody Account  This guy has so lost touch with reality.  Of course, he does have company in George Will.  If these jokers were actually conservative, they would look at results, not their own emotions.

Women in San Fran calls police on 8 yrs old girl selling bottles of water.  This woman is a proggie wholly ignorant of intersectionality.  To the re-education camps with her.

NPR:  Trump Staffers Are Hypocrites For Eating At Mexican Restaurants  No, not at all.  We conquered Mexico in 1848.  All their recipes are ours by right of conquest.  It has been well known in conservative circles since 1848 that the greatest feeling in life is scattering your enemies before you, hearing the lamentations of their women, all while chowing down on a burrito.

Proggies Deeply Confused That Their Media Frenzy Campaigns Haven’t Destroyed Trump Yet.  The rules, they are a-changin’.  Where they end up, I don’t know beyond the fact that proggies will not like it.

13 Year Old Facing Felony Charge For Recording Meeting With School Principal – One, at this point, meeting with anyone in education or the FBI without a recording device is insane.   Two, I do not see how state laws banning such recordings survive a First Amendment challenge when the person being recorded is considered to be acting under color of law.

Pelosi Tweets to protect MS-13 because . . . racism, Huckabee calls her out, Idiot Asks What Would Jesus Do?  I’m guessing tell us to sell cloak and buy a sword myself.

and finally, on different notes

Jon Snow finally weds wildling woman, Ygitte  Hopefully, he can make her a respectable member of House Stark.  Unfortunately, no dire wolves at the nuptials.  What a faux paw.

Paul McCartney plays the juke box . . . more or less.  The crowd reaction after 15:30 will leave you smiling.  H/T Mr. Vanderluen