“We’ll always have Paris.” No! Paris is dying, along with the rest of Europe.

Thanks to the European decision to invite in the Islamists, not only won’t we always have Paris, we won’t have the rest of Europe either. Europe is dying.

Paris Eiffel Tower Police EuropeBruce Bawer, a gay American man who moved to Europe only to be mugged by Islamic reality, is a clear-headed thinker and a marvelous writer. Today, FrontPage Magazine published an essay he wrote about the change in thinking about Islam amongst European elites. Back in 2007, when Bawer was invited to speak to these elites about rising concerns on the ground regarding the growing Islamic presence in Europe, the elites were shocked — and greatly offended — that some little upstart would insinuate that their pro-Muslim policies might change Europe’s face:

It’s easy to read an audience. As I spoke, I could feel the snappily dressed, self-impressed-looking crowd growing restive. When I was done and they were invited to ask questions, I didn’t get questions but incredibly condescending razzes, remonstrations, and reproaches. A German envoy reacted angrily to my account of some recent incident – I don’t remember what – that had taken place in her country. Her colleagues from a couple of other countries had similar bones to pick. “These are just anecdotes!” one diplomat thundered dismissively. I tried to engage them in a reasonable give-and-take, but they weren’t having it.

What made the experience especially striking was that over the course of the previous year or so I’d given a number of talks about the same subject in Europe and North America. The audiences had been composed not of credentialed foreign-policy experts but of ordinary citizens. All of them had recognized that what I was saying was true. During the Q&A sessions, they’d been eager to express their gratitude that someone was talking about these matters, eager to recount their own horrific experiences with the consequences of mass Muslim immigration, and eager to vent their frustration at political leaders who refused to listen to them, to care about their sufferings, or even to acknowledge the plain objective facts.

In sum, in 2007, Bawer was a mean-spirited and stupid racist to think that Islam could affect Europe in any way.

Fast forward to 2018:

As it turns out, it’s not Europe but Islam in Europe that’s been moving from strength to strength. As the number of terrorist atrocities, mass car burnings, and gang riots and rapes across Western Europe climbs relentlessly, it’s harder and harder to hold up Europe as “a new lamp unto the nations.” Consequently, the elite’s message about Islam in Europe has begun to shift. Only the day before yesterday, it seemed, they were telling us – and many of them, to be sure, are still telling us – that it’s preposterous to suggest that Western Europe’s present order is on the verge of being undone. But now at least some of them are starting to sing a different tune. Yes, they admit, Islam is taking over Western Europe – but hey, there’s no reason to worry about it!


Case in point: on March 28 of last year, the Dutch newspaper Trouw ran an interview with Maurice Crul, a professor at the Free University of Amsterdam who “has been conducting research on migration and integration for twenty-five years.” Since only every third Amsterdammer under age fifteen is of Dutch descent, noted Crul, ethnic Dutch people will soon be a minority in that city. The same holds for other major Western European burgs. For Crul, the lesson here is obvious: integration “now works in two directions.” Meaning what? Meaning that Western European natives who have been complaining for years about the failure of immigrants to integrate will themselves henceforth be obliged to integrate into the new, multicultural urban landscapes.

I urge you to read the whole thing. It’s fascinating and depressing. What really got me were the statistics Bawer cites:

Crul isn’t alone. This past August 6, the German newspaper Tagesspiegel published a column by Barbara John, a retired 80-year-old politician who belongs to Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party. John noted that in some major German cities, people with foreign backgrounds already outnumber native Germans. In Frankfurt, for example, 51.2 percent of the population is non-German. This trend, John pronounced, “is irreversible.” It “awakens fears,” she added. “But they are unfounded.” She held up Rotterdam and Amsterdam as examples of immigrant-heavy cities that are doing just dandy. “After all,” she stated, the new majorities in those cities consist of “many immigrant groups, which differ enormously in education, ethnicity, religion, culture and finances,” and are thus divided from one another, and from ethnic Dutch people, in many ways.

Yes, there are people from all kinds of backgrounds in Western Europe’s largest cities. But only one of those backgrounds is problematic. At this point, no one needs to be told why. At present, Muslims make up about 17% of the population of Antwerp and Brussels, 22% of Birmingham, 25% of Marseille, 11% of Amsterdam, 13% of Rotterdam, and 13% of Frankfurt. Immigration patterns and demographic trends indicate that those numbers will increase steadily in the years to come, and eventually, I repeat, all of Western Europe will be under sharia law. Or, as John puts it so prettily, “many things will be different and some things will be better.”

So what do those numbers mean in terms of life in Islamicized Europe? Let’s take Paris as an example:

You can call these Muslim immigrants (both legal and illegal) freeloaders. You can call them conquerors. You can call them culturally different. What you can’t call them, though, is people anxious to assimilate to and become a part of Western culture. The ugly reality, the one the elites refuse to acknowledge when living in their clean, bright, gated suburbs, is that when you get a big enough group of unassimilated, hostile people within your country, you don’t have a country anymore.

But wait, if that video’s not enough for you, there’s more:

A man armed with “several knives” killed his mother and sister and seriously injured another woman in a town near Paris on Thursday, officials said.
The man, who police said had been on a terror watch list since 2016, was later shot and killed after confronting police in Trappes.

He also stabbed a third victim, a female passerby, who was gravely injured in the attack. France’s interior minister Gerard Collomb told reporters the attacker had “serious psychiatric problems”, and said the attack was not being treated as terrorism.

Despite providing no evidence, the Islamic State group claimed the attack via its propaganda channel.

The attacker, 36, reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the rampage, and was shot dead by police after the assault in a residential street.

The authorities insist that what happened wasn’t terrorism. I kind of agree. The Allahu Akbar murders of Mireille Knoll or Sarah Halimi, both elderly Jewish ladies brutally slaughtered by young Muslim men, weren’t terrorist attacks either. Terrorism implies a subset of formal warfare. For Europe’s newest immigrants (legal or not), these Allahu Akbar killings are just business as usual. Kill the Jews. Kill the Christians. Kill your own women. Rape the kafir women. It’s what they do.

Not all Muslims do this, obviously, but a large enough percentage are programmed through their religion to engage in this behavior to make it a very unhealthy choice for a country to allow indiscriminate Muslim immigration, whether legal or illegal. Once it happens, you can wave good-bye to all the trappings of civilization, everything from the rule of law, to free speech, to clean streets, to women’s rights, to gay rights, good plumbing. They will destroy everything.

But hey, that’s France and . . . you know, it’s France. Except of course it’s not just France. In Holland, the Dutch government is prosecuting someone for saying mean things to Erdogan, the Turkish dictator for life:

A 64-year-old man from Sittard will face the court in The Hague on Friday for insulting Turkish president Recept Tayyip Erdogan. In 2016 the man sent multiple offensive emails to the Turkish embassy in The Hague in which he compared Erdogan to Hitler and called him a “goat fucker”, among other things, 1Limburg reports.

In one email he wrote: “Erdogan, you fucking goat fucker, burn in hell.” An attachment added to the email showed Hitler and Erdogan, with a swastika between them and the text: “There’s no difference”. In another email he said: “Erdogan takes the whole world hostage with his pernicious ideas. More than seventy years ago, a similar dictator made exactly the same mistake. I regret the Turkish people with this idiot, you do not deserve better.”

According to the newspaper, the Dutch man is facing charges of insult, insulting an official, and insulting a friendly head of state. The Sittard man’s lawyer did not want to comment to 1Limburg about the case. “It is not in my client’s best interest to respond at the moment.”

Please note that the man wasn’t threatening Erdogan. He was just calling him names. In turns out that, in 21st century Europe, there’s no difference between living in Holland or living in Iran (or Turkey, for that matter) when it comes to saying mean things to a Muslim leader. Either way, you’re in trouble with the law.

The only thing for which the Dutch man can be grateful is that, in Holland, he’ll still just be imprisoned, rather than actually executed. But even that’s not quite true. As Tommy Robinson’s ordeal in a British prison showed, if they can’t execute you directly, they’ll still try to do it indirectly. Otherwise, why would the authorities, after he was illegally imprisoned, have transferred him from a non-Muslim controlled prison to a Muslim-controlled prison, and then refused to take any steps whatsoever to protect him from everything from direct threats, to feces attacks, to poisoned food?

The Netherlands, once the world’s most free country (and I’m going all the way back to the 17th century when I say this) has now not only invited in the Trojan horse, it’s given it a nice stable and is keeping it comfortable with hay and water. The same is true for England, which was probably the second most free country in the time of the Enlightenment. And the French always pretended to be something sort of free, didn’t they? What a joke.

But that’s just Holland, France, and England. Surely there isn’t a problem in other European nations? Daniel Greenfield has numbers that say there’s a problem in all European nations:

Last year, Austria had 503 anti-Semitic incidents.

That’s impressive considering that the country only has around 9,000 Jews. There has been 1 anti-Semitic incident to every 18 Jews in Austria.

That same year, Germany had 1,453 anti-Semitic incidents to approximately 100,000 Jews.

In Bonn, Germany, a Jewish professor from Baltimore was assaulted by a Muslim yelling, “No Jew in Germany!” When the police arrived, they assaulted the professor. There was a protest march. A videotaped attack by a Syrian Muslim refugee in Berlin had led to another protest march and a slap on the wrist for the assailant. 10 Syrians attacked a man wearing a Star of David while screaming anti-Semitic slurs. A Jewish teen was assaulted in a Berlin train station. “I’ll slit your throat, you f***ing Jew.”

One statistical survey listed the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany rising by 60% in 2017.

In the UK, there were 1,382 incidents to 263,346 Jews. In Italy, there were 109 incidents to some 28,000 Jews. In the Netherlands, there were 113 incidents to 29,900 Jews.

Spain’s having a few problems too. Here’s a story from yesterday’s WaPo (which really, really wishes it didn’t have to report these kind of dark things showing democracy dying overseas):

A group of around 300 migrants stormed fences separating Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco on Wednesday, and 116 of them made it onto European soil, authorities said.

Seven policemen were burned by acid and quicklime, a skin irritant, allegedly thrown by some of the migrants as they overran border defenses, the Guardia Civil said. (Emphasis mine.)

That report isn’t about a few immigrants slipping over the border. It describes a full-fledged invasion, complete with deadly weapons. Nor is it the first. As I said, that was yesterday’s news. Three weeks ago, this video emerged from an African assault on the Spanish border:

And a month ago, a mob attacked Spain’s presence in Africa:

As many as 800 African migrants stormed a Spanish border outpost in North Africa, breaching a security fence and attacking guards in an attempt to gain entry to migrant shelters inside, police said Thursday.

The migrants used bolt cutters to rip open holes in the barbed-wire fences and then hurled feces and quicklime, a skin irritant, at police who were trying to beat back the onrush, Spain’s Guardia Civil said in a statement. About 600 migrants managed to break through police lines in the attack, which left 15 officers and 16 migrants injured, the Associated Press reported. (Emphasis mine.)

As Daffy Duck would say, “You realize, this means war.” Except the Europeans haven’t twigged to that fact that they’re on the receiving end of all out war. They’re still anxious to play the gracious host to millions of people who want to finish what the Holocaust started (kill Jews, because it’s part of their core religious doctrine) and then continue the conquest, enslaving the rest of the European people.

Europe’s dying and it deserves to die. In some ways it’s very painful. After all, some of the most beautiful sites in the world are in Europe: Gorgeous churches (empty), magnificent palaces, charming towns, gracious landscapes, beautiful art. All of that, of course, will be destroyed under Islam’s not-so-tender-loving-care.

I’m desperately sorry for the ordinary Europeans, the ones who are being sold out by the elite who hide behind fenced estates in expensive enclaves, but the reality is that too many Europeans have become inert due to decades of socialism. As long as the elites kept promising ordinary people free things (funded in significant part by hard-working Americans during the Cold War), the descendants of Europe’s serfs and peasants were going to keep voting for the same people who have always kept them under dainty and expensive heels.

Unless the ordinary Europeans want to have their own American-style revolution, one based on individual liberty rather than free stuff, they’re going down in Islamic chains. Moreover, those chains are wrapping around them with ever-increasing speed. It’s doubtful, at this point, whether anything can stop them.