The Avenatti and Swetnick circus show and open thread

With Swetnick risibly claiming that, while in college, she attended years of gang rape parties, even after she was raped, it’s time to confirm Kavanaugh.

Brett Kavanaugh Avenatti SwetnickMy legal work was dormant for a while, but suddenly I’m getting calls from several clients with various projects. They’re deadline work — and I get paid for them — so they take precedence over blogging.

I therefore can only offer you an open thread forum on subjects of your choice, although I’d love to hear from you regarding the excruciatingly sleazy, fame-seeking Avenatti and his latest client, Ms. Swetnick, the adult who liked hanging out at “rape parties” with young high school drunken kids, something she allegedly did for two to three years, even after she claims she was raped too.

To get you started, here are some of my favorite tweets on the subject:

This would be the same FBI that (a) Democrats want to have investigate 35 year old claims and (b) that faked evidence to spy on Trump, both before and after the election. From the Democrat point of view, the FBI clearly incapable of routine investigations into people’s pasts for important government positions. From the Republican point of view, it’s an utterly corrupt organization — and may also be incompetent. I’m thinking it’s time to take a seriously look at the FBI.

Somewhere along the line, Lindsay Graham developed a backbone. I’m really proud of him and hope that he remembers to keep it:

Finally, Charles C.W. Cooke summarizes some of the worst problems with the Swetnick declaration.

Okay, guys and gals! Have some fun, while I’m off to do some indescribably boring legal work. (And really, because of client confidentiality, I can’t describe it, but it sure is boring.)