#TravisAllenWriteIn — California voters should write in Travis Allen for Senator *UPDATED*

With Dems revealing their unfiltered totalitarianism, and no Republicans on the California senate ballot, write in Travis Allen’s name for U.S. Senate.

Travis AllenUPDATE: I’ve learned, to my dismay, that California disallows write-ins during the main election. Please go here for a different strategy in California.

When Democrats successfully turned California into an Open Primary state, I argued that this would destroy true democracy in California. Spring primaries are the time during which people in a specific party can elect their standard-bearer. Then, as the election nears, these standard bearers make their case to the entire state based upon current social, political, and economic conditions.

In an open primary state such as California, though, open primaries turn the “primary” into a pre-vote before a November run-off. Aside from John Cox’s unexpected (and delightful) appearance on the gubernatorial ballot, come October and November, when voters start paying attention, Californians do not get to hear conservative voices raised on national issues.

The events of the last weeks reveal something else that’s dreadful about Open Primaries, beyond just silencing conservative voices. If last-minute events show that Democrats are unfit to lead in Congress, concerned Californians have no alternatives other than . . . Democrats. That’s precisely what’s happened in this election cycle.

Up until a few weeks ago, California conservatives had two choices if they wished to have a say in sending a Senator to Congress: Kevin de León, who is an openly hard Leftist, or incumbent Dianne Feinstein, who has always positioned herself as a moderate Leftist. For many conservatives, this Hobson’s choice would have resulted in their picking Feinstein as the lesser of two evils.

Now we know, though, that there is no “lesser of two evils” when it comes to the only choices in California for U.S. Senator. Kevin de León remains as hard Left as ever. Dianne Feinstein, meanwhile, has slipped into the equally evil category. First, she was revealed either as the stupid dupe of a Chinese spy or someone who was complicit in Chinese spying. (She did, after all, make bank on China during those same years.)

Bad as Feinstein’s China problem is, worse was yet to come. The Kavanaugh hearings have exposed Feinstein’s utterly disgraceful, morally bankrupt behavior regarding Christine Blasey Ford’s vague, uncorroborated charges against Kavanaugh.

Feinstein received word of those allegations six weeks before the hearings. Rather than immediately turning them over to the committee so that they could be properly investigated, Feinstein sat on them, springing them at the last moment to destroy a man whose own testimony, lifetime work product, and testimonials from others (including Democrats) proved that it would be hard to find someone more suited to the Supreme Court. She also revealed them in such a way as to run out the clock, making it almost impossible to seat Kavanaugh before the Supreme Court’s October session begins. Unprincipled and unethical doesn’t even begin to describe Feinstein’s conduct.

These revelations about Feinstein mean that California conservatives went from having a bad choice to having no choice — and no voice at all in the campaign leading up to the election.

There is something we California conservatives can do, though. With both Feinstein and de León now competing directly for the hard Left base in California, there’s going to be a serious split in the ballot. Instead of one of them walking away with the majority of Democrat votes, each may get a roughly equal percentage.

That provides an opening for a strong write-in campaign from every single conservative who enters the voting booth. My advice and plea is this: Write in Travis Allen’s name.

Travis Allen is a solid conservative, a bright and personable man, and a happy warrior. He was originally targeting the governor’s office, but Cox, who got a last-minute boost from Trump, managed to get on the ballot and face off against Gavin Newsom. (And he’s doing wonderfully against Newsom.)

This is a chance for California voters to show real populism. #WalkAway from the Leftist stranglehold that the open primaries imposed on the ticket for U.S. Senator in California. Make your voice heard. Do a #TravisAllenWriteIn.

And please help keep this going through social media, emails, etc. The time is now to shake things up and tell the Left that their totalitarian, completely Orwellian approach to politics is unacceptable in a free, constitutional America. Just imagine the political earthquake if we can flip one of California’s two hard Left Senate seats.