I think there’ll be an October surprise in the next week . . . for a very funny reason

My personal history, which sees major stories drop whenever I’m away from my computer, means I think my upcoming trip will trigger an October surprise.

Surprise explosionWithout fail — and this has held true for the fourteen years I’ve been writing Bookworm Room — whenever I can’t blog, something big happens. Whether I’m doing trial prep, caring for a sick child, experiencing a power outage, or am otherwise away from my computer, big news breaks. Always. It’s as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

I’ll be leaving in a couple of days for a week-long trip, during which time I’ll have minimal internet access. (Don’t worry, though, because Wolf Howling will keep this site lively.) Because I’ll be mostly incommunicado, if the past is a predictor of the future, an October surprise, whatever it may be, is coming down the pike.

I’ve been amusing myself trying to imagine what the surprises might happen. One of my theories is that James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, will drop a really big video about the Deep State. The last few videos were amusing, but they were about fairly small fry Leftists abusing the taxpayer’s dime while working for the government. I think O’Keefe has something big he’s still holding on to.

I’ve also been hoping for the last year and a half that Sessions will start indicting people. I’ve been clinging for months to the theory that the feud between Sessions and Trump is theater, intended to create distance between the two when the indictments drop. Yeah, yeah, I know this is just a gossamer-fine fantasy, but I still like it, so I’m still hoping it’s an October surprise.

Lastly, I wonder if an Inspector General will have something interesting to say in the next ten days. The two Inspector Generals I know of have been very, very quiet. Too quiet, if you know what I mean….

And that’s kind of where my imagination runs out on the conservative side of the aisle. On the Leftist side of the aisle, I expect Mueller to announce all sorts of horrible things about people close to Trump, or at least closer to Trump than the other people Mueller’s caught in his web. Because I think the Russia collusion is a sham that was cooked up within the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department (not to mention the White House), whatever Mueller’s cooked up won’t be fundamentally serious, but it will keep the media happy in the days before the election.

Your ideas, please?