“Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” — one story reveals the American divide

When I read that a man screamed “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump,” I knew he was a Proggie, but a Proggie I know still insists the man was a Trump supporter.

Heil TrumpYesterday, the media was filled with stories about an outburst at a Baltimore theater. The Baltimore Sun first reported on the event — and please note that it immediately identifies the man as a Trump hater (emphasis mine):

A man shouting “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump” during a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” in Baltimore smelled of alcohol and told police he was motivated by his hatred of President Donald Trump.

Anthony M. Derlunas, 58, told an officer he “had been drinking heavily throughout the night” before the outburst at the Hippodrome Theatre on Wednesday night, according to a police report.

But before details of the police report became public in the early evening, the incident rattled many already anxious about a recent spike in anti-Semitism and hate crimes in Maryland and nationwide.

Audience member Rich Scherr said the outburst, which happened during intermission, sparked fears of a shooting like the one in a Pittsburgh synagogue last month that killed 11 people.

The man, later identified as Derlunas, had been seated in the balcony and began shouting “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump.”

What’s so fascinating about the story is that I knew instantly, without having to read the bolded language, that the man hated Trump. There were several clues. First, Neo-Nazis tend not to buy tickets costing upwards of $70 for an event at an upscale downtown historic venue. If you pay attention to the facts outside of the media narrative, you know that Neo-Nazis tend to be very angry bottom-feeding people who hang with other angry bottom-feeding people endlessly revisiting their real and imagined injuries (these two videos — one and two — are my favorite looks at the white supremacy issue). That any genuine Neo-Nazi would bother to spend the money to see Broadway’s version of a shetl just to raise a ruckus is a near zero likelihood.

The other thing that tipped me off is that the only people in America who liken Trump to Hitler are . . . Progressives. While it may be true that America’s microscopically small, sector of pathetic, low-life white supremacists throw their lot in with Trump, they do so, not because they worship him as another Hitler, but because their former home in the Democrat Party has gone away.

The Democrat Party that once was home to America’s white supremacists is still pathologically race-obsessed, but it’s switched from the old model (whites on top, everyone else on the bottom) top a new model (whites on the bottom, everyone else on the top). You could say it’s gone from being a “white lives matter” party to being a “black lives matter” party.

Evicted from their former ideological home, those foul excrescences who label themselves “white supremacists” figured out that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and latched on to the GOP. Again, they don’t worship Trump; they just have nowhere else to go.

All of this was instantly obvious to me without the necessity of the man’s confession that he hates Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, when I found myself talking yesterday to a Jewish Progressive, he told me that one of “my people” (i.e., a conservative) had been caught screaming antisemitic remarks at a Fiddler on the Roof revival. Because I wasn’t near a computer and could not quickly find an article showing the Progressive’s factual error, all I could do was argue with logic.

Talk about a fail. Progressives don’t want to hear that they’re the only ones making the Trump = Hitler corollary; they don’t want to hear that white supremacists are a small, revolting, reviled group that the GOP and conservatives repeatedly and loudly reject (as did Trump); and they sure don’t want to hear that, if you’re looking for antisemitism, you just need to look to the heart of the Democrat party. The mid-term elections provide only the latest example of that fact:

As expected, two Muslim women, Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, have been overwhelmingly elected to Congress. The establishment media will celebrate these victories as triumphs of America’s “diversity”; unfortunately, in reality neither one is worth celebrating.

Tlaib is a vociferous foe of Israel. With the Democrats now regaining control of the House, Tlaib is likely to be an energetic proponent of the new majority’s vendetta against the Middle East’s only democracy. The House is likely to do all it can to roll back President Trump’s pro-Israel polices, with Tlaib as well as Omar as becoming the public faces of the effort.

According to the JTA, when Tlaib was asked if she would vote against military aid to Israel, Tlaib responded: “Absolutely, if it has something to do with inequality and not access to people having justice. For me, U.S. aid should be leverage. I will be using my position in Congress so that no country, not one, should be able to get aid from the U.S. when they still promote that kind of injustice.”

What kind of injustice? Tlaib, of course, had nothing to say about the genocidal incitement against Jews and Israel that regularly features on Palestinian television. She did say, however, that she favors a one-state, not two-state, “solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “One state. It has to be one state. Separate but equal does not work. I’m only 42 years old but my teachers were of that generation that marched with Martin Luther King. This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work.”


The hijabed (and therefore pro-Sharia) Ilhan Omar, meanwhile, is even more hateful than Tlaib. According to the Daily Wire, in 2012 Omar tweeted: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel.” Challenged about this tweet much more recently, she doubled down and attacked the man who called attention to the tweet: “Drawing attention to the apartheid Israeli regime is far from hating Jews. You are a hateful sad man, I pray to Allah you get the help you need and find happiness.”

As noted, Tlaib and Omar are just the two latest antisemites who’ve burrowed their way into Progressive power. Here are a few more “centrally-located” antisemitic Leftists, by which I mean that they all hold high-level, actual or moral authority within the Democrat party:

  • Louis Farrakhan, who recently called Jews “satanic” and “termites,” not long after Netflix announced (and then had to back away from) a laudatory documentary dedicated to this race hater.
  • Bill Clinton, who uncomplainingly shared a front-row seat with luminaries from the black community, including Farrakhan, at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.
  • Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton who, in their frequent fights, would scream that the other was “a Jew mother f-cker” or a “Jew Bastard.” Although neither is Jewish, in the heat of battle, they apparently could not come up with worse insults than those.
  • Jesse Jackson, who is one of the grand old men of the Democrat Party and who referred to New York as “hymietown.” It was not meant as a compliment.
  • Al Sharpton, who deliberately sparked black pogroms against New York Jews, and has frequently referred to them in derogatory terms.
  • New Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who was a long-time Farrakhan loyalist and who has his own history of making anti-Jewish slurs and supporting Jew-haters.
  • Linda Sarsour, who recently told Americans to stop “humanizing Jews.”
  • Barack Obama, who attended a Palestinian dinner so inflammatory the Los Angeles Times still refuses to release the video; who dismissively referred to people massacred in a Paris Kosher market solely because they were Jewish as “a bunch of folks in a deli”; who spent 20 years in the pews of a church headed by an antisemitic pastor whom Obama identified as his mentor; and who deliberately demeaned Benjamin Netanyahu, premier of the world’s only Jewish state.

Scratch a Progressive, find an antisemite — and Marx, I should add, would have been proud. He may have been genetically Jewish, but Marx was the original self-hating Jew and he wove that hatred into the warp and woof of socialism.

(As always, if you want a better-researched, more erudite take on the intersection between modern Democrats and antisemitism, check out Sultan Knish. I recommend this post, this post, and this post, all of which will help get you up to speed on Democrat antisemitism and race-hatred.)