[VIDEO] Magnificent Trump victory dance — and no mercy

Some say Trump should be grateful he was “exonerated” and let bygones by bygones. I say, “NEVER!” The wrongdoers MUST be punished and Trump MUST dance.

On a more serious note, I can see where “reconciliation” might be appropriate response when an entire sector of society has engaged in immoral behavior over the course of decades or its entire history. Punishing each individual is time-consuming and there’s a serious question as to whether there’s any judicial process that can properly identify all individuals who deserve punishment or that can prevent the process from being used to wage private vendettas.

In this case, however, very specific individuals in government (or, in Hillary’s case, trying to be in government once more), acting with media assistance, deliberately engaged in highly illegal acts to destroy the integrity of an American election, solely in order to keep power for themselves and their cronies. This wrong-doing cannot be countenanced. It cannot be green-lighted by “turning the other cheek.”

Indeed, if you’ll recall, Trump tried to make a peace-offering the moment he was elected when he did not immediately prosecute Hillary for her blatant and extreme national security violations, fire Comey for his gross dereliction of duty, prosecute Lois Lerner for breaking strict IRS laws, etc. The Left did not respond with forbearance. Instead, it redoubled its efforts to stage a coup against Trump.

No mercy. No forbearance. No turning the other cheek. No letting bygones be bygones. No truth and reconciliation.

When you are faced with specifically identifiable people who knowingly committed acts of extreme criminality and immorality, you must punish them. Otherwise, the rule of law is meaningless and any semblance of a stable, civil society, one in which people rely upon and respect the law and each other, is over FOREVER.

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