It never rains, it pours open thread

Paying work is calling, but I here’s an open thread about Deep State spying, Beto’s descent and Buttigieg’s ascent, and the creepy, ooky Joe Biden campaign.

Open Thread bubbleI had a lull in my paying legal work for some time, something that always leaves me worried. For almost thirty years, whenever a lull hits, I think, “This is it; this is the day I just take down the shingle.” And then the work comes in again.

But what always happens — of course — is that when the work finally comes in, either I get calls from all sorts of people at the same time or the work is on a tight deadline. In this case, both happened. Everything came at once and the deadlines for all are urgent. Ironically, because they’re all short turnaround tasks, my compensation will be minimal. Still, the deal with my kind of work is that I don’t say “no” to the little jobs, because I want them to think of me for the big jobs.

I should have all this wrapped up by Sunday or Monday but, the for the time being, blogging will be limited.

If you’re casting about for open thread ideas, may I suggest:

I paid attention to Dan Bongino while driving today, so I can tell you about the chronology: In mid-November 2016, right after the election, Mike Rogers bypassed his Obama superiors and had a secret meeting with Trump. That same day, Trump abruptly announced that his transition team was leaving Trump tower and heading for a different Trump property. We now know that one day later, Strzok and Page were texting each other to see if they could get a mole into the Trump administration to monitor “changes in demeanor.” Rogers was fired very shortly thereafter.

This dynamic duo’s texts are often opaque, but it’s reasonable to believe that this is what they meant: We know they had been listening in on Trump’s business, and may well had physical bugs in Trump tower or at least taps on the phone lines. Mike Rogers, working in the NSA, discovered what was going on (along with a host of other violations) and sneaked past his minders to tell Trump. Trump pulled up stakes to find a safe place for his communications. Strzok and Page, deprived of the Deep State’s ear into the Trump administration wanted a mole for two reasons: (1) to start listening again and (2) to find out whether Trump’s move from his office was a coincidence or if he really knew what was happening, which would be trouble for them.

The opaque texts also suggest that the mole they wanted was Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff (“CoS”). We don’t know whether they got that CoS to turn, but we do know that when these texts came to light in June/July 2017, Pence abruptly released his CoS. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe we’ve found the source of a lot of these leaks emanating from the White House during the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

Another interesting topic is the fact that John Francis O’Rourke’s star isn’t just fading, it’s imploding, even as Pete Buttigieg’s is ascending. Considering that they’re both lily white Leftists, the only reason for these two elevators passing in the night (one going up, one going down) must be Buttigieg’s sexual orientation. Buttigieg is playing his personal life up for all he’s worth, in large part by picking a one-sided fight with Pence, who’s always been a gentleman.

In other words, Beto’s getting shtupped by Buttigieg, at least politically. And no, this is not meant to be a hateful homophobic remark. It’s meant, instead, to point out how genuinely evil identity politics are because they render actual political discourse meaningless.

Yet another interesting topic might be Biden’s candidacy. Does he really stand a chance simply by pretending to be more normal than the rest of them? The thing is, I don’t think he’s more normal at all. To me, he’s the Addams Family without their sweet charm. He’s creepy and he’s kooky, he’s sleazy and he’s spooky, he’s altogether ooky, a Biden (ick!) presidency.

Biden is a plagiarizer, a liar (not an exaggerator, but a liar), a groper, and a weird semi-pedophile. He’s also a man whose politic instincts over the decades have proven to be relentlessly, almost heroically wrong. Whether you’re a conservative or a Leftist, he’s so bad that everyone in retrospect hates the positions he’s taken.

Gotta go. Phone ringing. Texts coming in. Skype beeping. Emails. And out of all this sound and fury, a little money, followed by another fallow period. Sigh.

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