Bookworm Beat 4/25/19 — the Joe Biden runs for president illustrated edition

When it’s Joe Biden announcing his candidacy for president, the memes just write themselves. No wonder I’ve got a huge collection of Biden memes for you.


Biden gropes

As an aside, for those who will inevitably compare Joe’s groping to Trump’s “grab ’em” remark, I don’t recommend going there.

First, I think there’s a very good argument to be made that Trump was merely engaging in locker room boasting — not to mention telling the truth about the fact that there are women who welcome attention from millionaires, Democrat presidents, movie stars, etc.

Second, while there’s endless video proof of Biden’s “hands-on” approach, the only women who came forward about Trump proved to be hard-line Hillary supporters with narratives about as reliable as Blowsey-Fraud’s accusations against Kavanaugh.

Third, what’s really wrong about Biden isn’t the touching women, but his pawing all those children. That doesn’t and shouldn’t ever get a pass.

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