Leaks and Barr

Expect deep state leaks to pick up to fire hose speed as the left targets AG Bill Barr and tries to minimize their criminal actions.

Leaks about Attorney General William BarrIs anyone else tired of criminal deep state denizens leaking classified information to a corrupt media in order to, at best, unfairly slant the news and, at worst, to plant outright lies? All of the leaks were once aimed at taking down the Trump administration, but now they’re aimed at taking down the Attorney General, Bill Barr.

For instance, who leaked the ridiculous Mueller memo to Barr complaining about media hyperventilation on the eve of Barr’s testimony before Congress?  Leaks like this seem so commonplace now, though, in the Age of Deep State v. Donald Trump, that Vanity Fair is running an article on how the DOJ leaked the memo to two sources, WaPo and the NYT:

It was a familiar one-two in the age of Trump. On Tuesday, the day before Attorney General William Barr’s Senate testimony, The Washington Post published a staggering scoop, one that’s driven the news ever since: Robert Mueller had written a letter to Barr complaining that his initial summary of the Mueller report “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the special counsel’s work.

Minutes later, The New York Times published a story with almost precisely the same reporting. “I felt a flashback to the days of 2017 and 2018 when the Times and the Post published dueling scoops the way fighters trade blows,” CNN’s Brian Stelter remarked in his newsletter that night.

The Times and the Post are both well sourced and are often in pursuit of the same stories. In this instance, however, the Times has been left with the distinct impression that the Department of Justice intentionally screwed it by helping its competitor get the scoop. . . .

I was more than a bit taken aback at how casually the media now treats the fact that a person at DOJ is leaking to the press. Media types used to be a bit more discrete about that kind of thing.  But to the media, these leaks are all part and parcel of the new hysteria surrounding AG Bill Barr.

True, a small part of the hysteria is anger that Barr circumscribed the proggie / media complex’s ability to spin the Mueller report with his own memo, setting out the bottom line conclusions of both Mueller and himself — no collusion, no actionable obstruction of justice.*  But the bulk of the hysteria is aimed at doing in Barr before he does in the deep state folks responsible for the what has amounted to a soft coup attempt. Andrew McCarthy explains:

So I give you: the Bill Barr perjury allegation.

We are all entitled to our own opinions. But are we entitled to our own facts? Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s bon mot says no, but Washington makes you wonder. Like when spleen-venting about the supposedly outrageous, unbelievable, disgraceful invocation of the word “spy” to describe episodes of government spying is instantly followed by a New York Times story about how the spying — er, I mean, court-authorized electronic surveillance — coupled with the tasking of spies — er, undercover agents — green-lighted by a foreign spy — er, intelligence service — was more widespread than previously known.

If I were a cynic, I’d think people were trying to get out in front of some embarrassing revelations on the horizon. I might even be tempted to speculate that progressives were trotting out their “Destroy Ken Starr” template for Barr deployment (which, I suppose, means that 20 years from now we’ll be reading about what a straight-arrow Barr was compared to whomever Democrats are savaging at that point).

The claim that Barr gave false testimony is frivolous. That is why, at least initially, Democrats and their media echo chamber soft-pedaled it — with such dishonorable exceptions as Mazie Horono, the Hawaii Democrat who, somehow, is a United States senator. It’s tough to make the perjury argument without any false or even inaccurate statements . . .

A good portion of Washington right now has to be as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair showroom.  Obama weaponized the alphabet agencies and turned them lawless; Clinton and the DNC put them to use.  All of it is illegal.  All of it dwarfs Watergate as Watergate was only a criminal dirty trick and cover-up, while this was a soft coup.  Soon we’ll see the NYT explaining to us, on the one hand, that Barr is Hitler’s newest henchman and, on the other hand, that the FBI’s and CIA’s spying and stings targeting the Trump organization were wholly reasonable.

For instance, the NYT / DOJ line up to now was that the entire investigation into Trump had nothing to do with the Steele dossier, but was only opened when George Papadopoulos learned from Joseph Mifsud that Russia had “thousands” of Hillary e-mails and then divulged that fact to Aussie official, Alexander Downer.  Except now it is slowly coming out, through leaks and otherwise that Mifsud / Downer and two others involved in the Papadopoulos machinations, Stefan Halper and his “assistant,” Azra Turk, all had links to either or both the CIA and FBI.  In other words, it is starting to appear that the hapless Papadopoulos might well have been set up in a sting done as a pretext for investigating Trump.

At any rate, get ready for a lot more leaks.  They will soon start coming, dare I say it, fast and furious as the proggies try to justify their unjustifiable and unforgivable actions.

*BOOKWORM HERE: Wolf Howling wrote the above post, but it did remind me of something. Yes, it’s true that even an innocent person can be guilty of obstruction of justice. In other words, it’s still wrong to impede genuine investigative work, no matter your innocence. But even assuming the Trump aggressively impeded first the FBI’s and then the Special Counsel’s work, was their work justice?

As is becoming quite clear, they were part of an ongoing illegal effort to oust a duly elected American president based upon faked charges. So whatever Trump did (no matter how minimal or egregious), he wasn’t obstructing “justice,” he was obstructing what he knew to be an attempted coup. That’s heroic, not illegal.

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