Poll regarding a Leftist in the comment thread

Open Thread bubbleI like having comments at the Bookworm Room. I’m fortunate enough to have exceptionally intelligent readers, so their comments always add substance to my posts. I’m also willing to allow Leftists who are polite and interesting to comment, even if I know they’re minions of troll pod. Part of being informed is hearing what the other side has to say.

What I will not allow, though, are people whose comments are obscene, abusive, or threatening. I also do not want to host people who flood the comment section, effectively taking over discourse and driving out others who do not want 150 notices in their email with comments that are effectively spam.

As long-time readers know, I eventually got stuck with a Leftist Borg troll whom I couldn’t block using my traditional methods. That’s why I’ve switched over to the irritating comment moderation system. Under the old system, I could block bad guys, but everyone else could comment freely. Under the new system, only approved people can post, which gives me greater control. The first time someone posts, I review their post and their record. If they’re civil, I grant them future access — but I can always withdraw this access if they abuse the privilege.

Right now, I’m watching closely the posts from a person named Sarah Waggoner. So far, the posts have not been obscene, wildly abusive, or threatening. They’re not very nice, but that’s okay. However, what Waggoner is doing that troubles me is that she seems to be a spammer — that is, her posts overwhelm the zone.

Rather than unilaterally deciding to block her — because I don’t want automatically to silence those who criticize or disagree with me — I’d like your input. You can answer the poll, below, or leave a comment — or both.

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