“Whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad”

To help keep ourselves grounded over the screams from the Left, it’s periodically helpful to contrast Progressive belief systems with reality.

screaming Leftist Progressive woman madness insaneWhen I read the news of late, I keep thinking of the ancient proverb that serves as a title to this post: “Whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad.” In the West, the Left is in the grip of a fierce insanity, enthusiastically, fiercely, and even violently embracing delusional thinking.

In the real world, throughout the animal kingdom, there are boy animals and girl animals, distinguished by different DNA, different biology, and different behaviors. There are always outliers who, by quirks of nature or by choice, reject these differences, but the differences exist nonetheless and inform the bell curve of behavior across species. In Progressive world, though, as The Kinks once sang, “Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls; It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.” An edgy rock song about a guy’s accidental (or maybe on purpose) hook-up with a transvestite has become the Progressives’ core truth.

In the real world, the climate has changed incessantly for the last 6 billion years. Moreover, the last two thousand plus years of human history reveal that humans thrive when the world warms and die when the world cools. The best example of this last point is the medieval warming period — a time during which wines were made in Greenland — which saw an explosion in population. That warming period was followed by a cooling period which saw starvation across the medieval world, weakening people’s immune systems and forcing specific changes in global trading patterns that led to contact with the plague carrying marmot in the Russian Steppes. The result: A pandemic that killed 1/3 to 1/2 of the world’s population. In the Progressive world, the combination of 150 years of temperature records (for it was the Victorians who slowly began tracking temperatures); systematic scientific fraud aimed at adjusting pre-1950 temperatures down and post-1950 temperatures up; and computer models that are incapable of reflecting the complexity of future climate events, has resulted in a push to return the world to a Hobbesian pre-industrial era during which life was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

In the real world, communism has consistently failed to deliver on its promises of equality and material prosperity, offering instead violent, repressive totalitarian dictatorships, starvation, chronic shortages of all goods, and invariably brutal warfare. Likewise, in the real world, capitalism has consistently lifted people up from poverty and despair, bringing about in every generation riches and luxuries unimaginable just a generation before. Capitalism functions even better when it operates in a society shored up by a strong moral tradition (I prefer the Judeo-Christian one myself). In the Progressive world, capitalism impoverishes and socialism brings peace, harmony, equality, and wealth. Moreover, stabilizing moral traditions are dangerous, hate-filled, and must be destroyed.

In the real world, a fetus is utero is a human developing human life, the early step in a continuing transformation that leads from conception and birth to old age and the grave, and must therefore be respected as a human life. In the Progressive world, from conception to birth, a fetus is an inaminate clump of cells that can be treated with the same cavalier approach as a scab. Meanwhile, Progressives enthusiastically support jail time for those who mess with eagle or turtle eggs.

In the real world, since the day it burst out of the Arabian desert, Islam has been a belief system bent on total warfare and conquest. It is genocidal to those who fail to embrace Islam, leaving alive only those who can function as slaves (both for labor or sex) or who will provide the taxes necessary to support true believers. Moreover, since its intellectual peak in the early medieval era, Islam has proven to be a retrograde faith that rejects knowledge and humanism. Islam is also fiercely racist, for North Africa proves that Arab Muslims (the “original” Muslims), when given the chance, will happily enslave or slaughter their black Muslim brothers and sisters. I don’t quarrel with the fact that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who are basically just “Saturday” worshipers who do not sign on to Islam’s racist, imperialist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-everything mindset, but there are still enough true believers to make Islam a dangerous, destabilizing force across the world. In Progressive world, Muslims are a race (not a non-racial ideology), Islam is a religion of peace, and the fact that Muslims routinely and openly speak out against Leftist values (homophilia, transphilia, feminism, etc.), must be ignored. It is enough that central tenets of Islam are a hatred of the West and Israel. Who could ask for anything more?

Speaking of Israel, in the real world Israel is the only democratic, pluralist nation in the Middle East. It embraces all races and faiths. It offers equality to women, the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and anyone else who is willing to live a civil life within a civil society. The Arabs in Israel have greater rights than any other Arabs across the Muslim world. Since its birth, the surrounding nations have sought to destroy it yet Israel, with its vast military might and armory, meaning that it could annihilate any of those nations, fights only defensive wars — and is so humane that it willingly puts its own citizens at risk rather than run the risk of killing the women and children that Hamas and PLO fighters routinely use as human shields. Israel is also, per capita, the greatest contributor in the world to medicine and science. In Progressive world, Israel, which was created out of the wreck of the Jewish race left by the Nazis’ genocidal plans, is itself a Nazi race nation that must be (again) destroyed.

I have to run now, for I am meeting friends for brunch, but I invite you to use the comments that contrast the real world with the Progressive fantasy.

To wrap things up, I don’t mind seeing the Left driven made if it means they are driven from power. Trump, who uses Twitter to inflame Leftist hysteria, is doing his best. What I fear, though, is that the rest of America may be caught up and badly burned in the conflagration of Leftist insanity.