No. 2 Bookworm Podcast — Night Two of the Democrat Debates

The second night of the Democrat debates again revealed that Democrat candidates are anti-Constitutional, power-hungry, very strange people.

Democrat DebatesI’m still going forward with my podcast experiment but, as I promised, I’ll keep blogging too. I’ll include a link to the podcast at the bottom of the post, but here, more or less, is what I talked about.

First, my primary impression was that all of the Dems on the stage led with their emotions. Indeed, it was often all that they had to offer. The worst of it was when they got to the subject of illegal immigration. It seemed as if all they could say was “the children! the children!”

None of the candidates, however, seemed to have any compassion for American children. They didn’t care about American children who end up in the foster system because their parents committed illegal acts. They didn’t care about American children killed by gang members who entered America illegally. They didn’t care about American children orphaned or killed by illegal aliens driving drunk. The only children they care about are the Latin American ones.

The whole thing emphasized — again — that Democrats really despise Americans. We Americans betrayed the Democrats’ power grab when we voted for Trump and they want their revenge: they want us to be reduced to a minority by a population that is already accustomed to corrupt governments that use socialism to control them and, moreover, a population that will vote Democrat. This isn’t about race; it’s about culture. No matter how horrible Latin American governments are, they gave their people free things. It’s very hard to train a people used to enslavement — with the prison walls made up of horrible services rather than walls and metal bars — to leave that prison and embrace true liberty. And that’s why the Dems want them and not you.

And here’s what I said, more or less, about a few of the candidates:

Kamala proved last night that she’s a good candidate when she’s in an offensive position and a dreadful one when she’s in a defensive position. In other words, she can handle herself when she’s been prepped, but falls apart when she’s blindsided, as she was by Tulsi.

This is consistent with what I’ve always heard about her, which is that she’s Willie Brown’s disciple. He does the thinking and she does the acting. Because Kamala works hard, she can prep for anticipated scenarios and come off looking good. However, because she’s not very bright, when the unexpected happens, she’s helpless. If identity politics is enough to power her to the nomination (female and black, albeit, like Obama, not part of the American black experience), Trump will eat her alive. And if, by some bizarre chance, she gets to the Oval Office, unfriendly foreign leaders will eat her alive too.

I also dislike Kamala’s voice. She sounded sedated last night, highlighting the fact that her nasal voice sounds bored and condescending. When she roused herself to some semblance of anger, she sounded shrill and shrewish. She can give Hillary a run for the money in the unpleasant affect category.

What really made me crazy about Kamala was when she insisted that healthcare is a “right” not a privilege. In America, our rights are defined by the Constitution. Moreover, they are rights inherent in each one of us, entirely separate from the government. Unlike the situation in socialist countries, government can neither give us these rights nor take them away from us. Only in socialist systems is a “right” something entirely under government control.

If Kamala wants healthcare to be a right, there are two ways to make it happen. First, you amend the Constitution. Second, you get the government out and open healthcare entirely to the free market. In that way, healthcare comes under people’s control and out from under government control.

Moreover, that will help control prices because a significant part of what we pay for our healthcare is actually government compliance. Back in 2008, I read that insurers in California were subject to 1,500 separate regulations, both state and federal. Texas, which eschewed most state regulations, was therefore able to offer substantially cheaper insurance. I don’t know how Obamacare affected that, but I do know that regulations cost lots and lots of money.

Another thing Kamala did was to emote over illegal alien children in a government facility:

I went to a place in Florida called Homestead, and there is a private detention facility being paid for by your taxpayer dollars, a private detention facility that currently houses 2,700 children.

And by the way, there were members of us — Julian was there, members of Congress, they would not let us enter the place, members of the United States Congress. So I walked down the road, I climbed a ladder, and I looked over the fence. And I’m going to tell you what I saw. I saw children lined up single file based on gender being walked into barracks.

I don’t know about you, but except for the size of the place, that sounds like every American summer camp ever for the last 100 years. Moreover, what the Left refuses to admit is that we separate children for their own good. After all, stories like this demonstrate that “family asylum” is an invitation for predators and traffickers:

A Honduran migrant admitted to purchasing a baby for $80 in Guatemala after finding out that it was easier for family units to apply for asylum at the United States border.

Amilcar Guiza-Reyes, 51, confessed to immigration agents when he presented himself at the border with the six-month-old boy and was told he would be required to undergo a DNA test.

According to U.S. officials, the undocumented immigrant, Guiza-Reyes reportedly bought the child during his stop in the western Guatemalan town of Huehuetenango and continued his journey through Mexico before reaching the southern U.S. border where he was detained May 7.

The case is one of thousands which officials flagged as potentially fraudulent in recent weeks. (Emphasis mine.)

As for the other stuff about Kamala — her complicated health care plan, her verbal slip ups, etc. — you can read more and better analyses about those things elsewhere.

When it comes to Biden, who did manage to hang in there by the tips of his fingers (and he owes Tulsi a debt of gratitude for that), Trump really did a number on him with the “Sleepy Joe” moniker. You could see Joe trying desperately to be super perky to belie any signs of age and torpor. However, by the end of the 2.5 hour long evening, he was showing the strain. He was often talking in word soup (lots of words, not lots of meaning), and he set himself up for an endless meme when he gave that weird call out to some sort of text or phone number.

Biden also revealed that there’s nothing moderate about him. He did so by stating, loud and proud, that “we should put some of these insurance executives who totally oppose my plan in jail for of the $9 billion opioids they sell out there.”

That’s wrong on so many levels. First, insurance executives don’t sell opioids. Second, they’re not doing anything illegal by paying for appropriately prescribed opiate prescriptions. Third, he didn’t say they should be jailed if they engage in illegal activity regarding opiates. He said they should be jailed if they “totally oppose my plan.” You know who agrees with that attitude? Maduro does. So does Erdogan. And Kim Jong un does too. Those are dictator words, not moderate worlds.

Lastly, I think Biden went overboard trying to sell redemption for prisoners. I’m all for offering redemption for those who feel remorse, but Biden sounded as if he wanted to set them up for life:

Right now, we’re in a situation where, when someone is convicted of a drug crime, they end up going to jail and to prison. They should be going to rehabilitation. They shouldn’t be going to prison. When in prison, they should be learning to read and write and not just sit in there and learn how to be better criminals.

And when they get out of prison, they should be in a situation where they have access to everything they would have had before, including Pell grants for education, including making sure that they’re able to have housing, public housing, including they have all the opportunities that were available to them because we want them to become better citizens.

Inslee strikes me every time as a moron who’s also a climate change monomaniac. I’d like to laugh at him, except that too many people are marching in the same parade he’s trying to lead. No wonder every Leftist wants fully taxpayer funded college. It’s at those colleges that they turn out indoctrinated drones who believe in “science” as if it’s a magic spell, rather than a process — a process, moreover, that the climatistas have long since abandoned.

Gillibrand provided the best unintentional laugh. Before I get to that, though, let me say that I have never seen someone speak in so many cliches (although Booker tries), nor have I ever seen anyone so nakedly ambitious. She says anything and everything — often contradictory things — in her endless efforts to scrabble her way up to the top tier of politics.

But back to the funny thing. Although it got a laugh, her “joke” about cleaning out the Oval Office with Clorox was not funny. First, she never made that kind of joke about Bill Clinton, who really did soil the Oval Office. Second, Trump has behaved with apparently perfect discretion since he’s been in the White House. Third, Gillibrand’s father was tangled up in that NVXM sex slave cult. She should leave jokes about sleaze at home.

No, the really funny thing was when Gillibrand touted herself as a “white privilege translator”:

I think as a white woman of privilege, who is a U.S. senator, running for president of the United States, it is also my responsibility to lift up those voices that aren’t being listened to.

And I can talk to those white women in the suburbs that voted for Trump and explain to them what white privilege actually is, that when their son is walking down a street with a bag of M&Ms in his pocket, wearing a hoodie, his whiteness is what protects him from not being shot.

When his – when her – when their child has a car that breaks down, and he knocks on someone’s door for help, and the door opens, and the help is given, it’s his whiteness that protects him from being shot. That is what white privilege in America is today. And so, my responsibility’s to only lift up those stories, but explain to communities across America, like I did in Youngstown, Ohio, to a young mother, that this is all of our responsibilities, and that together we can make our community stronger.

Gillibrand knows that this is B.S. If she really believed it — heck, if any of the white candidates believed this — she and all of the others would withdraw from the presidential race. After all, they keep arguing that their white privilege is practically insurmountable. The only way to give non-whites a chance is if whites stay out. No wonder the DCCC fired all its white people! If whites are as toxic as Gillibrand says, they need to go.

And that’s what I put on the podcast, which you can find here or listen to here: