On the departure of Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand is a nonentity, but her inevitable departure from the primaries gave Trump another opportunity to troll the Left, much to my delight.

GillibrandWhen Calvin Coolidge, one of America’s greatest and most restrained presidents, died in 1933, celebrated wit Dorothy Parker cruelly remarked, “How can they tell?” Now that Kirsten Gillibrand, one of America’s least distinguished politicians has retired from the presidential candidacy fray, all I can think of with news of her withdrawal is Parker’s question: “How can they tell?”

Of course, in this case, the question is not cruel at all but is, instead, appropriate. A more banal nonentity than Gillibrand it’s hard to imagine. Indeed, the only reason I mention Gillibrand’s passing from the political scene at all is so that I can make you aware of President Trump’s brilliant tweet, which is an eleven out of ten on the trolling meter:

Trump, like olives, is an acquired taste but once you’ve acquired that taste, it can bring a lot of pleasure to life. Trump is, as we all are, an imperfect human being but he is that rare person who is a joyful and effective politician.

I wonder what Trump will say when Buttigieg is gone. I mention this because one of my hard Left, gay friends (something I grew up with) posted this homage to Buttigieg on his Facebook page:


The above kind of hagiographic approach to a political figure is not healthy. Just the other day, I saw the same thing with a slavishly loving homage to Gillibrand from another friend from my youth. I wish I could describe it, but I can’t describe because doing so would violate both her privacy and mine.

Just as my Gillibrand loving friend is a very disappointed person today, I anticipate that my Buttigieg loving friend will be disappointed in the near future too. I can only think longingly of Buttigieg’s retirement day, when Trump again uses his trolling skills to pop the type of worship displayed in the above poster.

(My continued apologies for low-level blogging. I’m still working on getting my migraine meds right and, until I do, I’m operating under a bit of a cloud that depletes my energy. However, while my blogging is suffering, my napping skills have become really phenomenal. I currently anticipate that I’ll have the meds adjusted in a couple of weeks and be in the pink again.)

Image credit: Kirsten Gillibrand by DonkeyHotey.