[VIDEO] Candace Owens interviews Taleeb Starkes

The only problem with Candace Owens’ interview with Taleeb Starkes is that I suspect it will be watched only by those who don’t need to hear the message.

As far as I’m concerned there is only one thing wrong with Candace Owens’ interview with Taleeb Starkes. The problem is that I, a white woman, am watching this video while these young men

probably will not watch it. Sadly, they get respect from too many people for their bad behavior and martyrdom from their predictable deaths.

Sadly, another cohort that won’t be watching consists of these affluent-looking, indoctrinated children

Black Lives Matter Hands Up Don't Shoot

who get academic and media strokes for embracing victimhood and, if they’re lucky, money and social media fame too.

Otherwise, I think it is a perfect video communicating with grace and clarity the fact that the black community cannot look outwards to solve the problems that plague it. Instead, it must shed the victim label the Left imposes on it as a way of maintaining the Left’s (i.e. Democrat Party’s) stranglehold on the black vote. Blacks need to step into the light and view their communities as places that contain with them all the ingredients for success:

Photo credit of the “hands up” image: Jordan Uhl’s DSC_0113; Creative Commons, some rights reserved.