No. 41 Bookworm Podcast re Bernie’s dangerous embrace of gun control

This is the companion podcast to my post about the way Bernie and other Democrats seek to end American liberty by imposing gun control.

Just today, I put up a post challenging the gun control that is dear to the hearts of Bernie (the current Democrat candidate of the week) and the other Democrat candidates. I’ve done a 180 since my younger days, when I too advocated gun control, and I’ve made this transition because I’ve learned that the only way a society can remain safe and free is for moral, law-abiding citizens to have the right to arm themselves. This isn’t just my opinion. The data is overwhelming.

If you prefer reading to listening, or if you want links to the articles and data I site, please check the companion post, which you’ll find here.

Otherwise, here’s the podcast (or you can find the podcast, as well as past podcasts, at Libsyn or Apple).