Trump sends out a masterful tweet to calm the nation

Trump has once again proven himself an effective communicator with a single tweet addressing, and calming, rising concerns about Iran.

In that single tweet, Trump does a lot of things:

1. Trump assures Americans that the world is not coming to an end — and that they need to ignore the doomsayers in the media.

2. Trump briefly describes what Iran did.

3. Trump assures Americans that the military is actively taking care of the ongoing situation.

4. Trump enthusiastically says that early reports are that Americans are safe. (Later reports indicate that five Iraqis were wounded; we wish them well.)

5. Trump reminds everyone — including Iran — that our military is indeed the best in the world. That in turn reminds me that Iran’s is not so hot. (See picture, below.) I am also reminded as Trump boasts about the military that Trump, unlike past presidents, is not afraid to use it. While he will not behave disproportionately (no nuclear bombs), he understands that the goal is victory, so any response has to be just slightly more than proportional. Anything less than that, and you’re right back at a 40-year-long stalemate. If the Dems had their way, if we’re to fight with Iran, we must reduce our military until it’s the equal of theirs!

6. Trump assures us that we’ll be hearing from him soon, presumably with information about what has happened and what will happen.

That’s it for Trump’s direct message to America. Now think about his indirect message, relayed through a telephone call with Lindsey Graham: