An apology if my blogging is a bit erratic

My blogging might be (probably already is) a bit erratic over the coming couple of weeks, but it’s all for a very happy reason (but tiring) reason.

I decided that I’d better apologize in advance for the fact that, over the next two weeks, the pace of my blogging will be somewhat erratic. I fully intend to blog, and Wolf Howling will keep doing his history posts and regular blogging, but the fact is that I’m experiencing some unusual time pressure: I’m moving. Those who have shifted households know that it’s a big deal.

The packing, while time-consuming, is the easy part. The hard part is finding a reliable moving company, getting new insurance for the new digs, dealing with old and new utility companies, and just generally keeping track of the hundreds of matters (and emails) attendant upon this move. Lately, by day’s end, it’s not even that I’m tired. It’s that I’ve been so busy thinking about insurance, internet companies, sewage service, and moving vans, I just haven’t had mental space to ruminate about the things that interest me and that usually end up on the blog.

Again, I fully intend to keep blogging throughout this period of about 2.5 weeks. I just don’t know how much inspiration I’ll have on a daily basis.

If you’re wondering, when it comes to the move itself, I’m very excited and happy. I also hope this will be my last move for many decades.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons; cropped image.