Dalia al-Aqidi: Patriotic Minneapolis Muslims have a candidate

This is a knock-your-socks-off campaign video from Dalia al-Aqidi, an Iraqi Muslim woman who is fighting to win Ilhan Omar’s House seat.

Because my parents lived in the Middle East, we had lots of Arab friends, both Muslim and Christian, when I was a child. Whatever their views were about Israel, they were all patriotic Americans who were incredibly grateful to be here, and they raised their children (my peers) to identify as Americans and love their country.

I have a strong suspicion that these old friends would have been shocked and disgusted by the Rashida Tlaibs and Ilhan Omars who are now pushing their way into American politics. I also am pretty darn certain that, if they were alive today and living in Minneapolis, and if they were staring at a ballot with Ilhan Omar’s name and Dalia al-Aqidi’s name, they wouldn’t hesitate a second before pulling the lever for al-Aqadi. I don’t know where she stands on Israel, but she makes it really clear where she stands on America:

If you have family and/or friends in Minneapolis, you might want to share al-Aqidi’s video with them. If she’s everything the video promises her to be, she rocks. Meanwhile, Omar is in just a little bit of trouble with the feds….