Falling apart at the seams Open Thread

This is another apology post for my minimalist blogging. Today marked a week in my new home, but it is a fixer-upper and the fixing up is only now slowing down a bit. I’m slowing down a bit too.

The first day, I worked 18 hours; the second, 17 hours; the third, 15 hours; etc. Every day, my energy is depleted compared to the day before, so I get less down, dragging out the process.

Not complaining, just explaining. The house is coming together beautifully and I am very happy. It’s just that I’m also very tired.

So, here’s an open thread for you. Enjoy it! But remember: While I know things can get edgy, please avoid threats, extreme verbal abuse, obscenities, etc. Also, if you’re new here, your first comment needs to be approved before you can freely comment.