Bernie the Red Part II: Honeymoon with Communism

Part II in a series asking just what Bernie the Red means when he says he wants to bring “Democratic Socialism” to America?  Part I:  Denmark, Sweden & “Democratic Socialism” is here.

Some time ago, did a retrospective on Bernie the Red’s embrace of hard-core, bloody communist regimes, from the Soviet Union to Cuba to Nicaragua.  Bernie has long lived the Marxist fantasy.  And while Bernie today shrugs off the authoritarianism needed to force those societies into socialism and to keep them there, he embraces what he sees as their accomplishments.

And some bonus material that you will no doubt be seeing snippets of over the next several months, assuming the current Democrat Socialists at the DNC don’t redistribute Bernie’s delegates.

Of more recent vintage, here is Nicaragua’s once and again current strongman, Daniel Ortega,

And this is Bernie the Red after his visit to support Ortega in Nicaragua.