Coronavirus reveals that leftists hate you; they really hate you

When Wil Wheaton passes on to his supporters a leftist joke about those who protest shutdowns, I’m getting paranoid enough to see a threat in that joke.

Wil Wheaton played the indescribably irritating character of Wesley on Star Trek : The Next Generation. Captain Picard’s irritated “Shut up, Wesley,” uttered when Wesley starting speaking up has become something of a catchphrase for those who remember the show:

As it happened, Wesley (who was supposed to be a boy wonder) was speaking the truth.

Wil Wheaton is more irritating than Wesley. He’s a hard leftist who’s not shy about boasting obnoxious opinions lacking any intellectual foundation. Sometimes, though, just like his character Wesley in the above iconic moment, his irritating pronouncements have a germ of truth within them.

Here’s a recent social media post from Wheaton, cracking a mean joke about Americans who have had enough of being told that having a job, running a business, feeding a family, and saving for old age is “non-essential”:

Yes, that’s mean and stupid, but it’s also eerily and scarily meaningful. For you young ‘uns, the Branch Davidians were a fringe religious sect that set up shop outside of Waco, Texas. In 1993, by the time the federal government was finished with the Branch Davidians, their compound was in flames, and 82 of them were dead. I’m not saying that the Branch Davidians were nice or good people because they weren’t. Moreover, it appears that they may have shot first, killing four ATF agents. Nevertheless, what the federal government eventually did to a group of people, including women and children, has gone down in history as a massacre.

The same leftists who root for Trump supporters and conservatives to die from the coronavirus start are calling those Trump supporters and conservatives “Branch Covidians.” I’m sorry, but I don’t find that amusing.  I’m sure that too much time in my home reading the news has made me paranoid, but that joke also sounds vaguely like a threat. Maybe, when Wil Wheaton says something, although our impulse is to say, “Shut up, Wheaton,” it’s worth taking him seriously.

I’m not worried about anything under Trump’s control, of course. But when one looks at tyrant wannabes in various Democrat-run jurisdictions (e.g., Michigan), it’s easy to see them convincing themselves that they’re acting in the public good when they take extreme action against people called “the Branch Covidians.”

Image: The Branch Davidian compound in flames.