Enough with the corporate virtue signaling filling my inbox!

I’m fighting back against corporate emails expressing solidarity with Black Lives Matter, by sending replies telling them I don’t care what they think.

I got another email today from a company with which I do business telling me that it’s against racism and believes in social justice. I finally snapped and wrote back to let the corporation know I was not interested in its politics. I suggest we all start doing the same. Enough is enough.

Here’s a proposed form letter:

Dear _____________________,

I have no interest in your or your employees’ views on political and social issues. I do business with you because you provide a good product at a good price. Please stay in your lane. If you continue to flood my email box with your opinions on matters unrelated to your product, be assured that I will take my business elsewhere.


I think what pushed me over the edge was reading yesterday about Sashi McEntee, who is the mayor of Mill Valley. She’s also a “person of color,” whatever that means. She’s not black. I think that, while she’s American-born, her family roots are in India.

I’ve known Sashi for years through Republican circles. She’s a smart, nice woman who’s mostly a fiscal Republican. She’s mayor only because the Mill Valley town council assigns that position on a rotating basis. I assume she got onto the council in the first place because she promised some fiscal sanity. And of course, it’s entirely possible that she’s a NeverTrumper who’s become a Democrat. I neither know nor, frankly, do I care.

When the whole George Floyd* matter arose, Sashi decided to stay in her lane. The leftists who are the (vast) majority in Mill Valley and Marin as a whole were not going to allow that.

During a teleconference public meeting for Mill Valley’s town council, a white leftist was incensed that the town removed a sign posted on public property saying, “White Silence is Violence.” When this virtue-signaler demanded that Mill Valley “show that black lives matter,” Sashi responded, “It is our council policy that we do not take action on issues that are not of immediate local importance.”

Two days later, Sashi, having learned that she would be made to care, issued her ritual apology:

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sashi made this obeisance because the nuts in Mill Valley know where she lives. As a fiscal conservative, Sashi knows that the best way to help black lives matter is to create an environment in which they can achieve economic success: good schools, a safe and reliable infrastructure, and a moral community that complies with anti-racism laws that have been on the books for decades. It would help if blacks followed the rules for success: Get educated, get married, have children, stay married. Oh, and don’t commit crimes.

Of course, Sashi’s apology wasn’t enough. The mob still went after her on the streets as they insisted that she bow down and kneel with and before them.

The article about the face-to-face attacks again Sashi includes quotations from black people giving their testimonials about the hell that is their life in uber-Democrat Marin County. All I can say is that it’s becoming increasingly clear that majority-Democrat communities are hotbeds of racism. No sane minority should ever live in a Democrat community or vote Democrat.

Incidentally, where I live in the South, I’ve never in my life seen more mixed-race couples and biracial children. What would probably shock Mill Valley’s lily-white activists is that these couples and their children are just like everyone else. Weird, huh?

Anyway, I digress. The point is that, as Sashi shows, in leftist-land, you will be made to care. Well, I’m not going to be made to care. My form letter starts going out today to all those companies that won’t just sell their damn products. I want them to start caring about me too.


*George Floyd is the ex-con who used a gun to rob a woman in her home and committed multiple other crimes, whose system was filled with illegal drugs at the time of his death, and who’s now been turned into a plaster saint because cops in an entirely Democrat-run institution killed him. See more from Candace Owens about the man we’re being forced to worship (something that is entirely separate from the way in which he met his death, which needs to be investigated with a proper reverence for justice.)