The lovely Smokies

The kids wanted to go to a water hole that allowed rock jumping so we stopped at Midnight Hole Falls. Normally, if I do something like that, I take pictures. This time, though, I have no pictures. The moment we started up the trail to the water hole, the Heavens opened. We kept walking but I wasn’t going to take my phone out of its nest in my bag, where I had a reasonable belief it was being kept dry.

The walk confirmed what I decided last year, which is that the Smokies are amongst the most beautiful mountains in America. They are so lush, with beautiful rivers, falls, and flowers weaving through them. It is an endless pleasure to see the Smokies in the late springtime.

When we got the water hole, we had the place to ourselves. The kids jumped (while I closed my eyes and held my breath). A good time was had by all, although we ended up cold and tired.

I’m turning in now. No promises about writing tomorrow.

Image by Alex Ford