A few highlights from the draft 2020 Democrat Party Platform

The Democrats released a draft version of their 2020 platform. These are just a few highlights (or lowlights) from this 80-page racist, Marxist disaster.

The draft platform is an 80-page-long, singe-spaced document. It’s very repetitive, repeating the same facts to make different points. It is as hard left as a document can be. It is communism without the bother of a full-scale revolution first. Democrats clearly hope that a few revolutionary battles in a few city streets will be sufficient to scare Americans into voting for them without bringing out the guillotine first.

I don’t have time for a deep dive. This is a shallow dive.

Whose recession? As a general irritant, the document refers to “Trump’s recession.” The reality is that Trump gave us one of the strongest economies ever in American history. It was the Democrats’ lockdowns, followed by the Democrats’ riots, followed by more Democrat lockdowns, that damaged the economy. The only reason people aren’t in worse shape is because of the strong Trump economy, which gave us some resiliency.

Hypocrisy about reparations. On its first page, the document has an acknowledgment that America is built on land once held by Native Americans:

The Democratic National Committee wishes to acknowledge that we gather together to state our values on lands that have been stewarded through many centuries by the ancestors and descendants of Tribal Nations who have been here since time immemorial. We honor the communities native to this continent, and recognize that our country was built on Indigenous homelands. We pay our respects to the millions of Indigenous people throughout history who have protected our lands, waters, and animals.

Under the rules of reparations as set out by the Democrat party, every Democrat in America has a moral obligation, if he or she owns land, to donate it the descendants of the Native Americans from whom it was taken. Those Democrats who do not do so are low-down, dirty, lying hypocrites.

Despite lip service to Israel, this is not a pro-Israel document. The Democrats say that they want a strong Israel that has the right to defend itself. They promise to abide by the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), which sounds very Israel friendly. It’s not.

First, the MOU was something America forced on Israel so that Israel could continue to buy the weapons it needs against the genocidal nations surrounding it. The agreement makes it impossible for Israel to buy weapons from places other than America, including buying weapons from itself.

The foreign aid dollar amount in the agreement includes the cost of missile defense — but the missile defense amount is dependent on Congress. A hostile Congress will leave Israel without a defense against Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The flip side of that is that the MOU bans Israel from asking Congress for extra money, which means it has no flexibility.

Thankfully, Israel has turned herself into an extremely well-trained porcupine, bristling with weapons. However, the agreement places shackles around her that make it very difficult for her to augment her defenses in times of need.

In addition, while professing its love for Israel and (to its credit) saying it will not countenance either the Boycott, Divest, & Sanction movement or the UN’s incessant Israel-targeting, the Democrat party has a few other tricks up its sleeve. It continues to be invested in the two-state solution, which is a meaningless dead end. Israel pulled out of Gaza and all she ended up with was a terrorist state on her border.

And then there’s this a sneaky clause, right in front of saying that Jerusalem should remain Israel’s capital. That clause reads, “We believe that while Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations….” No, it’s not. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. “Final status negotiations” only means that the Democrats will push to divide the City. We know what happens if any part of the city goes to the Palestinians: They will make it Judenrein and will destroy all signs of Jewish presence, historic or current.

Finally, Trump stopped sending “pay-to-slay” money to the Palestinians. Democrats intend to reinstate it.

The Mideast policy isn’t any better. As a general matter, the Democrats’ Middle East plan attempts to turn the clock back to the Obama era. They plan to reinstate the Iran Agreement. This would be terrible, especially considering that Trump has seriously weakened the mullahs who terrorize their own people. It also puts Israel right back in the nuclear crosshairs. Israel has bought itself time with the sabotage all over Iran, but that’s just a year of breathing space.

Shorn of anti-Trump rhetoric, the policy regarding ISIS is Trump’s policy: a small, agile force that can police those sadists as necessary.

The Democrats are obsessed with race and sexual habits. I view Americans as a single people. Ideally, we all want safety, prosperity, and liberty. Democrats, however, see Americans as little nodules of interest. Here’s just a sampling of the pandering to all sorts of different interest groups (a lot of which involves marginalizing less melanized people):

America bills itself as the land of opportunity, but intergenerational mobility has plummeted; children born in the United States are less likely to move up the income ladder than those in Canada, Denmark, or the United Kingdom. Women still earn just 82 cents to every dollar men earn, with even greater disparities for women of color. Median incomes are lower and poverty rates are higher for Black Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and some Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, compared to median white households. And there is a persistent, pernicious racial wealth gap that holds millions of Americans back, with the typical white household holding six times more wealth than the typical Latino family and 10 times more wealth than the typical Black family.

Democrats aren’t going to help wealth creation in America. They’re going to have spreadsheets and make sure that only the right people (i.e., non-whites) benefit from a Democrat-run administration. And note the reliance on the canard that women earn less than men because of discrimination. It’s illegal to pay women less for the same work. Women learn less because they gravitate to lower-paying jobs, something that’s often connected with children. They want flex time or, in many cases, they take years or decades off from the job market to raise their children.

Democrats know, though, that it’s all about the racism — which can only be fixed with more racism:

We cannot hope to raise wages without taking on the profound racial biases at work in our employment system. The wage gap between Black workers and white workers is higher today than it was 20 years ago. It takes a typical Black woman 19 months to earn what a typical white man earns in 12 months—and for typical Latinas and Native American women, it takes almost two years. Democrats believe we need to be much more proactive and aggressive in rooting out discrimination in our employment system. We will increase funding to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and increase its authority to initiate directed investigations into civil rights violations and violations of the rights of people with disabilities. Federal contractors should be required to develop and disclose plans to recruit and promote people of color, women, people with disabilities, and veterans—and be held accountable for delivering.

Democrats also demand equality by refusing to recognize that we’re all humans. If you’re really all about equality, all you have to say is that every American deserves and will get equal justice under the law and equal opportunities. End of story. Instead, the Democrats insist on dividing us into useful political victim groups.

Democrats will protect and promote the equal rights of all our citizens—women, LGBTQ+ people, religious minorities, people with disabilities, Native Americans, and all who have been discriminated against in too many ways and for too many generations. We commit ourselves to the vision articulated by Frederick Douglass of “a Government founded upon justice, and recognizing the equal rights of all.”

The same dividing people by race stuff shows up over and over, regarding health care policies, “racial justice and equity,” education, the military, terrorism, and pandemics. And always — ALWAYS — the narrative is that whites are getting more than their fair share and that only government action can create (i.e., force) equality.

It’s a frightening document that blames one race for another’s suffering. Other governments have used the same tactic and it never ends well.

Climate change. Democrats continue to use climate change as a reason to redistribute wealth within America and then to redistribute America’s wealth around the world. The first thing they plan to do is rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which shackled America while giving China unfettered pollution rights.

Considering that China is responsible for the biggest amount of plastics in the oceans and is responsible for a significant part of pollution in the air, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement is a huge gift to a government that terrorizes its people, enslaves its people, commits genocide against its people, is attempting to colonize all of Asia, commits massive financial and industrial espionage around the world, and gave us the gift of the Wuhan virus. China certainly got what it paid for when it bought the Democrats, from Biden on down.

Speaking of China. The Democrats want a reset, bringing our relationship with China back to the way it was during the Biden years: China undercuts us in trade through unfair means, pollutes the air, and steals our intellectual property.

Unions. Let’s just say that the Democrats have lots of goodies for unions. Lots and lots of goodies. Incredible amounts of goodies. Of course, the unions might want to think about the fact that the treats of China will do away with union jobs. In addition, if the Democrats continue to keep schools closed, that will end the teacher’s unions. Police officers’ unions are already figuring out that they’re safer with Trump than they are with the Democrats.

I’ve got to work now so I’ll stop. Overall, the document is 80 pages of racial division, economic destruction, increased worldwide air pollution, brown-nosing China, and helping to nuclearize Iran. If Americans vote for this, the America we know now is gone forever. It remains to be seen whether Americans will like the ZimbabVenezCuba that raises in its place.