Saturday Night Live inadvertently explained lockdowns and riots

A little-noticed Saturday Night Live skit about the talking dog was a harbinger of all the disasters that Democrats wrought in 2020.

Saturday Night Live has always leaned left, although, perhaps because I was a Democrat in the 20th century, it didn’t seem as one-sidedly nasty as it is now. I’ve long thought that one of its funnier skits, at the height of the Iran-Contra scandal, was the one showing that President Reagan was actually a genius mastermind. Sure it blamed him for wrongful acts but it was still funny:

Most SNL political sketches, though, aren’t funny, they’re just biased. And then, not long after Trump was elected, SNL came through with another funny one. This time, a team of scientists led by Scarlett Johansson, figured out a way to translate animal thoughts — only to find out that Johansson’s dog was a free thinker. Whoever wrote the sketch actually emerged from the bubble long ago to see why Trump supporters thought as they did:

The sketch was hugely popular, especially among conservatives. I was looking for it today because I wanted to share it with a rare conservative friend who hadn’t seen and I discovered to my surprise that last December, SNL did another sketch with the same premise and cast of characters.

What’s fascinating about the later version, which is very funny, is that it reveals genuine leftist fear. The SNL writers are telling people that the impeachment won’t matter and that their primary candidates are a disaster. You’ll enjoy watching it:

As far as I’m concerned, this sketch tells you everything you need to know about the 2020 lockdowns and riots. Even in December, the Democrats knew they held a losing hand. Not a single one of their candidates could win and Trump was rocketing to victory, especially because of the economy. Trump had turned the economy around and people noticed. The only way to win was to turn the economy around again — to trash it, on purpose, so that people would abandon Trump. And that’s what the Democrats did.

The sketch is funny. The Democrats are both pathetic and evil. But that’s how leftists roll — they will literally (and I mean that word in its dictionary sense) destroy a country to obtain power.