Black Outreach Compared

Trump has acted to improve black lives.  All the progressive left has done in response is play the same, tired race card.

I do not know the individual in this video, but his extemporaneous schtick is thorough and spot on.  It is only anecdotal, but it appears Trump is making inroads into the core of black America — a group that, since LBJ in 1964 (he is mentioned in the video) has voted party-line Democrat as a 90% block.  Trump is making a difference in black lives.

Hat Tip to Doug Ross who refers to the above man as a modern-day Thomas Paine.

Meanwhile, from the left, we get Joe Biden:

I am half-expecting Biden next to thank black men for keeping his shoes shined during the pandemic.

But that was small potatoes compared to the big toss of the race card by Michelle Obama.  Andrea Widburg blogs on the perpetually racially-offended (and offensive) former First Lady at American Thinker:

With less than a month to go to the election, Michelle Obama released a 24-minute-long video in which she lectures her supporters to vote against Trump.  While she found time to throw a few kind words to Biden, Michelle used the bulk of the video to call Trump a liar and racist.  As always, Michelle’s facts were false, while her words were intended to trigger people’s irrational fears.  Her performance was disgraceful — and was almost certainly intended to counteract Trump’s rising popularity among blacks and Hispanics.

As you may have gathered, I dislike Michelle Obama, so let me get my biases out of the way.  This is a woman who had every opportunity in life — a stable, two-parent upbringing; a middle-class lifestyle; Ivy League undergraduate and law school educations; high-paying jobs created specifically for her; eight years as the most worshiped, photographed woman in the world after Princess Diana; and an equally worshipful post–White House life, complete with $65 million in her pocket.

But is Michelle happy?  No.  Has she ever been happy?  No.

Michelle buys into Critical Race Theory.  The result is that one of the most fortunate women in the world is constantly angry, embittered, and resentful.  I suspect that part of her anger is because she knows, in her heart of hearts, that she’s earned nothing that’s come her way.  Whatever Michelle has, she got because of her skin color, not because of any talent or skill.  It cheapens her, and she knows it. . . .

Do read the entire post.  And here is Michelle’s race hustling cri de coeur . . .

We’re going to find out very soon who has made the most convincing argument, whether it be Trump’s actions or the progressive left’s race card.  They really are playing it for all its worth at this point.