Some random silliness — and an open thread

I’m still mentally sorting through the news of the day and don’t yet have anything to add beyond the obvious: Our media are corrupt and the tech tyrants are tyrannical. Having said that, I would like to share three things that entertained me.

First, when I was watching Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO), I kept thinking that he looked familiar. I’ve paired him with his historic avatar at the top of this post. I know the likeness isn’t perfect, because Dorsey looks like he’s a stoner while Rasputin looks like he’s tripping on bath salts or meth. Give Dorsey a few years…. But still, what do you think of the likeness?

Second, this video made me laugh:

Third, this made me laugh too, for good reasons:

(And yes, I know that I used Dorsey’s Twitter to report the good news, but that’s where the good news is hiding.)

I’ve been silly. Now it’s your turn.